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How to Avoid Emails Going to Spam

It’s endlessly frustrating when you spend time on your email campaigns but just don’t get the results you were looking for. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case, but one of them could be the fact that your emails aren’t hitting people’s inboxes.  If deliverability is holding back your email […]

How to Win Two First Class Tickets to the Email SpamBox

SPAMBOX - Every SDR’s worst nightmare. Have you ever found yourself saying things like: “I spent hours working on crafting the perfect message and the email didn’t even get opened!” Writing copy for sales emails is no-longer ONLY about engaging with a prospect, adding value and asking for a meeting. Half of the battle has […]

Your Emails Are Going to Spam

As sales reps, it’s impossible to deny the value in cold email. Nearly every B2B sales organization use cold email to prospect for opportunities, set meetings and hit quota. With the steep decline in cold-call answer rates and the introduction of “Scam Likely” filtering of unrecognized phone calls on cell phones, writing quality cold email […]

How Email Validation Improves Email Marketing Results

The Basics Let's start at the beginning - To truly understand how to manage a successful email marketing campaign, you have to understand the fundamentals of the game. Today we're going to go over the key pieces of information that every good marketer needs to know about email marketing. Email Deliverability Deliverability is the overall […]

Remove All Toll-Free Numbers From Your Sales Emails

We’ve Identified A New Google Spam Trigger! Google’s spam servers are very mysterious. As a sales prospecting service, SalesHive sends thousands of sales emails per day, we tend to run into new spam triggers from time-to-time. After hours of troubleshooting, we’ve successfully identified that having a toll-free number in your email or email signature greatly increases […]


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