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Cold Sales Prospecting Tips and Tricks From The Experts

The best Lead Generators use tips and tricks to execute better outreach. Use these, our SalesHive tips and tricks, because we use them too.

17 Key Hurdles for B2B Sales Development (Part Two)

As discussed in Part One of 17 Key Hurdles for B2B Sales Development, Sales Development is the field, process, or team that focuses on the early stages of the sales cycle. Sales Development focuses on generating meetings or opportunities, then passing them to sales reps.

17 Key Hurdles for B2B Sales Development (Part One)

Executive Summary: You won't find free in-depth Sales Development best practices online Most employees have little or no experience in Sales Development Lack of detailed documentation and processes exist to guide SDRs Companies assume what their buyer thinks and likes Companies don’t know their total addressable market (TAM) Sales Development contact databases will never be […]

Simple Guide To Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Before a single call is made or email is sent, you need to know who to target on an account level, but more importantly you need to know why you should reach out to this account. This may seem like business 101, but you’d be shocked how many companies don’t know who their true Ideal […]

Outreach Channels You Should Care About For Effective Sales Prospecting

Email, Phone, LinkedIn, lions, tigers and bears. Oh my. Whether you’ve been in sales a few days or you remember the days when a Rolodex and landline as your glory days, it’s crucial to understand how a deep knowledge of each channel plays a role in not only your success but also how your potential buyers react to […]

REPORT: Optimizing Outbound Sales During COVID-19

First, read our data-driven report to outbound during COVID-19. Now, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the business world right now. Companies dusting off their business continuity plans, combing through budgets with a fine-tooth comb, preparing for the worst. Now’s probably not the right time for sales development teams to be prospecting, right?  Wrong. Prospecting […]

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