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Sales Strategy

The Subtle Art of Saying More with Less Words

I’ve been writing sales emails for a while now. I’ve written emails targeting startup founders and I’ve written emails targeting CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Industries ranging from construction to IT to retail and fashion. You don’t care though. I’ve already typed too much and you’re getting bored. This is why people suck at writing […]

The Advantages of B2B Sales Prospecting Services

Successful Prospecting in Sales When it comes to revenue generation, B2B sales prospecting services can SHOW YOU THE MONEY. Engaging with potential buyers is the driving force behind growing your business. The issue is that internal B2B sales prospecting teams bring a laundry list of headaches, risks, and costs. But there's good news - There's […]

The True Cost of an SDR (Sales Development Rep)

What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Sales Development Representative? Traditionally, SDRs have been the public face for most companies. They focus on outbound prospecting, setting up qualified meetings, and moving leads through the pipeline. Many different expenses come with hiring new salespeople. Beyond hiring costs, you should consider base compensation, commissions, benefits, and travel. […]