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Lead Generation

Lead generation is inclusive of outbound and inbound lead generation. At SalesHive, we offer all forms of b2b lead generation at the fraction of the price of building an internal team, inbound and outbound.
Saleshive lead generation glossary

What is Outbound Sales?

Outbound sales is the field of sales that is defined by reaching out to prospects, as opposed to, drawing them into the website. Outbound sales channels include email, cold calling, and direct mail. The goal of outbound sales is to identify quality prospects and set meetings with them to sell a company's services or products.

What is Outsourced Sales Development?

Outsourced sales development (OSD) is the process of hiring a sales development agency to handle all of your sales development related tasks including list building, strategy, copyrighting, optimization, objection handling, meeting setting, and reporting. OSD firms hire and train sales development reps (SDRs) on behalf of their clients and can be a more affordable option compared to hiring and building an internal sales development team. Although they may be called outsourced, most employees are US based except for research teams.

What is a Lead Generation Company?

A lead generation company is a company that processes lead generation services for their client. They typically have optimized their processes which enables companies to become more efficient in their sales and marketing, as opposed to building out everything internally. The lead generation company specializes in turning regular people into potential prospects for driving up sales.

What is an Outsourced Sales Teams?

Outsourced sales teams are hired to hold sales meetings and close deals on behalf of a company. These outsourced sales reps can be much less expensive than internal sales reps, as they may work with several other clients. Their primary goals are to hold meetings, create urgency, and get deals signed.

What is a Lead Generation Glossary?

A lead generation glossary is a list of terms, words, and phrases with their respective definitions related to lead generation. It consists of many different marketing and sales techniques that encompass key terms which are used to generate leads. The ultimate goal with those leads is that they will convert to paying customers. The lead generation glossary is a beneficial tool for sales people to understand because it will help them perform their tasks at a more expert level.

What is Pay-Per-Meeting?

Pay-per-meeting (PPM) is a type of deal in which the client only pays for meetings that are held. They are also known as pay-per-performance. There are two ways to structure a pay-per-meeting sales development agreement. The first is to pay for meetings that have been held by spending weekly or monthly invoices for held meetings. The second way is to purchase a bucket of meetings at the beginning of the engagement, of which the sales development agency needs to fulfill those purchased meetings in a specified period of time. PPMs typically have a higher CPM (cost per meeting) because they are guaranteed to be qualified and helpful.