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List Building

One of the most difficult aspects of outbound lead generation is building accurate and comprehensive accounts and contact lists. Then once lists are built they need to be validated to check for invalid emails, phone numbers, and addresses. SalesHive takes on all this grunt work and allows your team to focus on closing deals.
Saleshive lead generation glossary

What is Intent Data?

Intent data is used to identify customers who are actively searching for a service or product. It analyzes a person's online behavior. In its most modern format, intent data is typically collected using web-based cookies on large media sites and publishers. For example, the company would have a greater propensity of intent if they were googled about their services or products, or read an article or publication about a relevant service. For example, if a company was selling SEO tech, they could use intent data to build a list of companies that are actively researching new SEO technologies. The largest intent data provider is Bombora.

What is List Building?

List building is a process of building a targeted account and contact list for the purpose of sales outreach. There are many tools that can help a sales team build lists. These tools often contain contact info, and different company characteristics such as what technologies they use. By leveraging data partners, list building is a very important process to identify the target market and the decision makers within it.

What is List Cleaning?

List cleaning is a process in which a list is refined into a more specific list that can be used for marketing. Stages in the list cleaning process include making sure that first names are spelled correctly, checking that company names are the conversational name and not the legal name, and validating contacts to make sure the contacts will not bounce. List cleaning in regards to emails gets rid of outdated emails from the database.

What is List Scraping?

List scraping is a division of building a list by grabbing data off of web pages in an automated manner, usually using bots which are internet software applications. These bots read the structure of the web page and can format the information into a readable and exportable format. List scraping is a great way to build "hard-to-find" lists, such as attendees for events by capturing their name and contact information.

What is the Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM)?

The serviceable addressable market (SAM) is the portion of buyers inside the total addressable market (TAM) of which actually needs your service, given your scale, financial resources, and geographic limitations. The larger your SAM becomes, the more buyers you can provide services to, potentially increasing sales. Different industries will have more accessible TAMs than others, making their buyer pools larger, just as well-developed companies will have access to a more significant portion of their total market over their more limited competitors.

What is a Target Market?

A target market is a list of companies that another company is prospecting in order to get new business. It is often a portion of the total addressable market (TAM). This specific group of people are the ones who a marketer wants to angle their efforts towards converting into customers.