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Our eMod system takes an AI-powered approach to cold email that goes far beyond sending templated emails. eMod intelligently analyzing key data points about your prospect and their company to craft emails that look like you spent hours researching them. This method ensures every message is precisely tailored, significantly increasing campaign engagement rates and tripling the chances of a response.
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eMod is a cutting-edge AI that transforms templates into personalized emails, uniquely tailored for each prospect.

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Hey Brendan,

I've been following SalesHive's journey since 2016 and I'm really impressed with how you've bootstrapped the company to over 300 remote employees and grown the company to over $15 Million in annual sales. That's quite an achievement!

Our eMod API could be a great fit for SalesHive. It uses AI to personalize all your cold emails while retaining the core message. This could help your team of remote SDRs improve their deliverability, response rates, and brand reputation, ultimately driving more revenue growth for your clients.

Would you be open to seeing it in action? Maybe it could even give you more time to enjoy sport fishing and surfing in Cabo San Lucas!

How eMod Works

Targeted Research

eMod begins with a comprehensive analysis of both the target company and the individual prospect. This approach allows us to understand the broader business context as well as the personal nuances of the recipient. By gathering these insights, eMod is able to build a profile on the company you are targeting and on the prospect you are reaching out to which can then be used to create highly personalized emails while still retaining the ability to send them at scale. 

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Imagine an email template that adapts to each recipient, thanks to eMod's intelligent personalization. It keeps your main message intact while infusing each email with details that matter to the individual reader. This strategy not only makes your emails more engaging and likely to be opened but also enhances your brand's presence in their inbox. By avoiding the spam box and sparking genuine interest, eMod helps you achieve better results from your email campaigns.

Why Does Cold Email Personalization Matter?

When it comes to cold email, first impressions are everything 

The Benefits Of Personalization:

Increased Engagement: Personalizing emails leads to deeper connections, making recipients feel valued and results in 3x higher response rates than templated emails.
Stronger Deliverability: Tailoring emails to the recipient can increase your sender reputation, leading to better inbox placement and ensuring your emails actually get seen.
Impress Prospects: Customized emails create a positive first impression, setting the stage for meaningful interactions.
Build Brand Reputation: Personalization elevates your brand above competitors by showcasing a commitment to quality interactions.
Retain Core Messaging: Personalization doesn't mean reinventing the wheel; it means aligning your core message with the recipient's world.
Cut Through The Noise: By referencing specific details relevant to the recipient, your email becomes a needle found in the haystack.
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