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B2B Sales Outsourcing Pricing

All of our outsourced sales development reps run multichannel campaigns. Select the package that works for you business. All packages are available month-to-month with free onboarding.


6 month commitment
For businesses who need more sales meetings but don’t want to do cold calling.
✓ 20–30+ Est. Meetings / Qtr
✓ Email & LinkedIn Campaigns
✓ Risk-Free Onboarding
✓ Custom Sales Playbook
X Dedicated Cold Calling SDR
X 150+ Cold Calls Per Day
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6 month commitment
For established businesses who want a true multichannel outbound program.
✓ 40-55+ Est. Meetings / Qtr
✓ Email & LinkedIn Campaigns
✓ Risk-Free Onboarding
✓ Custom Sales Playbook
✓ 1 Dedicated Cold Calling SDR
✓ 150+ Cold Calls Per Day
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6 month commitment
For businesses looking to take their outbound sales development to the next level.
✓ 60-90+ Est. Meetings / Qtr
✓ Email & LinkedIn Campaigns
✓ Risk-Free Onboarding
✓ Custom Sales Playbook
✓ 2 Dedicated Cold Calling SDRs
✓ 300+ Cold Calls Per Day
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All of our sales outreach is performed on our custom sales development platform.

Why Choose SalesHive

All of our sales outreach is performed on our custom sales development platform.


There’s nothing more frustrating than hiring a sales development agency all to find out they’ve outsourced the job to someone overseas. Yikes. Well, we aimed to solve that issue by only hiring professionally trained, sales development reps that are located right here in the USA. You can be sure every time someone picks up that phone and represents your company that they’ll be right from your backyard.


Yep, we said it. Zero-risk, free onboarding. Most companies charge you for this service whereas we do not. We’ll build you a dedicated sales playbook so you can see what we write for copy, what your scripts are going to be, how we’ll be targeting, and give feedback on what you should be doing moving forward. We do this to build trust, transparency and so you can see if we are the right partner to be working with right away.


Rather than locking our clients into contracts they don't want to be in, we choose to earn our clients' business every month. If you are unhappy with our results, you can cancel at any time. We only ask that you give us enough time to implement our campaigns and test our copy. We may not have the perfect campaign from the start, but over the course of the first couple months we will nail down the correct strategy, lists and messaging.

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starting monthly pricing
starting monthly pricing


starting monthly pricing
U.S. Based Reps
Multichannel Outreach
Monthly Contracts
Custom Sales Platform
Risk-Free Onboarding

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We never off-shore because we understand how important your brand image is. 


Our training program was designed by ClozeLoop to give SDRs an edge on the phone.


We're fully remote so we can hire SDRs based on experience and ability, not their location.  


Our experienced managers coach SDRs daily to ensure quality and performance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started with an outsourced SDR team?

Typically, our outsourced sales development services onboarding takes 2-4 weeks, but we can move as fast as your team. During onboarding, we'll host a kickoff to complete an onboarding questionnaire to help us understand your business, your target market, and your target personas. Following the kickoff, our team will begin to build out a custom outbound strategy in the form of a Sales Development Playbook. After we review the Playbook together, we begin training your sales development reps to have them ready to start dialing after onboarding has concluded. The faster you're able to get us information, the faster we can get your campaigns launched!

What forms of payment does SalesHive accept?

Our CEO always says, “always make it as easy as possible for people to pay you.” So that is what we live by. Most of our sales outsourcing clients prefer to pay by credit card, but we also accept ACH invoicing and can do our best to be flexible with any other method you prefer.

Can I pause our outsourced sales reps for a month?

Yes you can pause at any time. We only require a small $150 monthly fee to pay for the cost of holding our marketing assets. We understand that companies and industries go through changes and we strive to be as easy to work with as possible to outsource your sales and marketing services. You can’t find a more classy team of outsourced sales development reps. We are the real deal.

Is b2b outsourced sales really month-to-month?

Yes. All of our B2B outsourced sales contracts can be structured monthly, all we ask is that you submit a formal 30-day notice if you decide to go a different direction. If you are not happy with your outsourced sales development reps, you can ask your strategists to get reassigned or you can simply end your contract. That being said, our outsourced sales reps are extremely professional and talented and we hope you stay with our team until you are acquired by the company of your dreams. Our success is your success. Our happy clients are a testament to the quality of our outsourced sales development reps. In fact, we still have the very first client we worked with nearly 5 years ago.

When does billing for my outsourced sales development reps start?

One of the big advantages of using our team is you get to “try before you buy.” Before we ever send you the first invoice, you will have a chance to meet your outsourced sales development team and we even build out the entire strategy, so you feel confident with our service before starting payment. We do not start campaigns or billing until final approval from your team. Another great reason to try outsourcing your sales development team instead of building one internally. Trust us, we are worth a shot!

Why should I outsource my sales development?

Simply put, leave it to the sales outsourcing experts! When you consider that 83% of internal sales development teams don't hit quota, the chances of building an internal team and being successful is slimmer than the 'thought leaders' on LinkedIn will lead you to believe. We run outsourced sales development programs for 150+ companies and we have fine tuned our process and developed our own technology to maximize meeting rates for your sales team. Outsourcing sales development can sound scary, but all of our remote Sales Development Reps (SDRs) are located in the U.S. and are trained experts in sales and become invaluable assets to our clients. Plus, we're cheaper than hiring and managing an internal team when you factor in costs such as benefits, commissions, data, technology, and the cost of managing and coaching internal reps.

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