We Follow Our Proven Success Model And Carefully Track Results

From selecting your sales channels to scaling your outreach, this is what you can expect from our onboarding experience.
sales development process
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Select Sales Channels
Decide if you would like to start with cold calling or just email and LinkedIn.
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Sign Risk Free Contract
Completely month-to-month and we don’t start billing until entire strategy is approved.
inside sales process - SalesHive
Attend Kickoff Call
Fill out client questionnaire, review onboarding process, and setup email domains.
sales rep process - SalesHive
Start Domain Warming
Send thousands of emails to our internal seed lists to warm up your new domains.
inside sales process - SalesHive
b2b list building
Build Strategy & Target Lists
Complete a 30 page sales playbook and compile your total addressable market.
sales rep process - SalesHive
Playbook & TAM Presentation
Review sales playbook and TAM over a web conference and discuss client feedback.
inside sales process - SalesHive
Approve Final Strategy
We don’t start any outreach or billing until all strategies and account lists are approved.
sales rep process - SalesHive
Contact Research
We leverage our large data partnerships and offshore research team to build custom lists.
sales development rep
inside sales process - SalesHive
List Cleaning
Our lists cleaning team validates emails and phone numbers and cleans up dynamic fields.
sales rep process - SalesHive
Billing Begins
We only begin billing after we have final client approval on the complete lists and strategy.
inside sales process - SalesHive
b2b sales outsourcing image
Campaign Launch
Email, LinkedIn and cold calling campaigns launch once billing confirmation is received.
sales rep process - SalesHive
Platform Review
Learn the ins-and-outs of our feature-rich sales platform and sync with your CRM.
inside sales process - SalesHive
Meeting Setting Begins
You can expect to receive your first meeting within the first 1-2 weeks after launch.
sales rep process - SalesHive
Weekly Meeting
Clients meet with their sales strategist on a weekly basis to review results.
inside sales process - SalesHive
Campaign Optimization
Leverage our proprietary multivariate testing technology to optimize campaign messaging.
prospecting process - SalesHive
Increase Outreach
Scale outreach volume by adding more domains and cold callers to your campaigns.


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