The Sale Before the Sale: the Secrets of B2B Pre-Sales

Every business celebrates the ringing of the sales bell, an indication of a closed deal. It's a sign of success, a victory for the team, and often, it becomes the highlight of the day. But have you ever wondered about the unsung heroes that made that grand sale possible?

Enter the world of pre-sales.

Understanding the Pre-Sales Powerhouse

While the limelight usually shines on the sales team, the pre-sales squad is diligently laboring behind the curtain. Their role? Setting the stage, tuning the instruments, and ensuring everything is primed for the main act – the sales pitch.

Pre-sales is an intricate dance between sales and marketing, aiming to set the sales team up for success. It's the bridge between a cold lead and a warm introduction. In a business ecosystem where Hubspot reveals that a staggering 60% of companies grapple with client acquisition, pre-sales steps in as the savior.

This dynamic function involves:

  • Spotting the Perfect Client - It's not just about finding clients, but locating the right ones.
  • Initiating Interaction - Once identified, they must be approached and engaged.
  • Guiding and Informing - Potential clients are given a teaser of what's in store, acquainting them with your offerings.
  • Setting the Stage - Lastly, a warm handover is made to the sales team, introducing them to an already-interested prospect.

The Art of Crafting an Ideal Client Profile (ICP)

An efficient pre-sales strategy starts with an ICP. It's not a random selection but a carefully curated list based on:

  • Target industries that align with your offerings
  • Business size, either by revenue or workforce
  • Geographical preferences and location
  • Decision-making hierarchy – from top-tier decision-makers to influential subordinates
  • Financial metrics like ACV clarity to ensure they have the buying power

Constant refinement is crucial. As the market evolves, so should your ICP. Infusing customer insights and relying on Key Performance Indicators can offer invaluable feedback, revealing which clients truly resonate with your product. This strategic narrowing of focus can significantly decrease the customer acquisition cost (CAC), ensuring you get more bang for your buck.

Hunting Down Target Companies

Armed with a refined ICP, the quest begins. The pre-sales team embarks on their mission to search and identify those golden companies that fit the criteria. They become the architects, building a robust list for outbound marketing, targeting the selected personas.

Trent Dressel aptly puts it, "A robust pipeline is a panacea for most business challenges." But how do you enhance this pipeline's potency? Enter online advertising. Those touched by outbound initiatives can be seamlessly retargeted through PPC campaigns, amplifying ad efficiency.

Crafting Captivating Content

At the heart of any successful outreach lies compelling content. Tailored blog posts, engaging articles, and laser-focused messaging that resonate with your target audience are essential. It's not merely about showcasing your solutions, but positioning them as the antidote to the prospect's challenges. Consistent and relevant content fosters trust and drives market demand.

Guardians of the Sales Realm

One might see the pre-sales team as the guardians or gatekeepers. Their discerning eyes sieve out prospects, ensuring only the cream of the crop reaches the sales team. By vetting for industry alignment, personal fit, market type, and financial viability, they guarantee that the sales team isn't chasing wild geese but genuine golden opportunities.

The Pre-Sales Solution for Startups and SMEs

Startups and smaller enterprises often face a conundrum: How to scale sales efforts without ballooning overheads? The answer lies in outsourcing pre-sales. By collaborating with a specialized pre-sales agency, companies can venture into new domains, tap into uncharted territories, and leverage the vast experience these agencies bring – all without the burden of in-house hiring.

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