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Our experienced B2B list building experts leverage our large data providers and offshore research teams to build hyper-targeted contact lists. We offer a suite of email list building services that can be customized to your target market and business needs.
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We Can Build Any Custom List You Can Imagine

Finding high-quality contact and account data doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. By pairing our highly-skilled team with some of the best tools and databases on the planet, we can build incredibly updated lists from scratch and at a cheaper rate than subscribing to a database yourself.
All of our lists are double-validated for accuracy, and we can even find contact data like LinkedIn URLs and phone numbers that are typically hard to come by. No matter how unique your target audience or custom list may be, our team of experts has everything they need to build it at the highest quality possible.

Difficulties of B2B List Building

Building the perfect list and relevant contacts is easier said than done. The costs can easily get out of hand and diminish your revenue. This is where our custom list building services come in handy, as we take your take cost out of your company.

Cost of DataBases LicenseS 

Building accurate and complete sales lists is not for the faint-hearted. Most custom list-creation data providers require large annual contracts, have high costs, and do not have the required resources to provide the excellent results every customer needs.


Building and validating contact and account lists is very time-consuming. It's a no-brainer that most list providers do not provide the detail needed to build your dream list, as it takes hard work.

List Building Checklist

Building a comprehensive targeted email and phone list takes talent, experience, and precision. You need to hire the right B2B list building services company to get an accurate list with the ideal customer profile.

Our List Building Methodology

Most companies stop after the first step, but perhaps the most important step is to determine what contacts are missing from your list and then try to find contact information. Since these are the email lists missing from the data providers, they are contacted less frequently and are more likely to reply to cold calling.
Find the existing phone number and email list in your database providers
Figure out what job title and position is missing
Our research teams search for missing emails and numbers
Validate emails and direct phone numbers using software tools

Our B2B List Building Services

Leverage Our Data Partnerships

We’ve created data partnerships in this industry with almost every data provider. This allows us to get great pricing and offer B2B custom list building services using multiple data partners to build the most complete lists possible for our customers.

Compile And Validate Data

For every account, we aim to find 3-5 decision-makers and influencers in the companies. To maximize your business account lists, we pull data from our data partners and research team to aggregate and deduplicate them for upload.

Outsource Manual Research Tasks

Our outsourced research teams in India and the Philippines are specifically trained to find contacts and information for B2B prospecting. Manual research is great for hard-to-find accounts, emails, and phones for prospects.

Clean And Enhance Data

Not only do we validate all of our list-building services and contact information, but we also can clean and enhance all of your existing accounts. We can also build custom contact data, so you have the most accurate and complete data possible with a high degree of accuracy.

Key Deliverables For B2B List Building Clients

Total Addressable Market

Building a master list of all the companies you can work with within the United States. This should be the first step in every company's list-generating process to create a list that results in quality leads.

Decision Maker Contact Info

Once we have built the master total addressable market, we source and validate decision-maker emails and phone numbers.
“Accurate and comprehensive list building is one of the sales process most difficult and time-consuming parts. This is why we invest over $50K monthly in our overseas research teams and data partners with whom we sign long-term agreements, so our clients don't have to."

       - Brendan Burnett (CEO, SalesHive)

List Building FAQs

What is list building list management?
It is keeping your list up-to-date and accurate. This includes removing invalid or inactive contacts and adding new prospects.

There are several ways to update your list, such as using an email verification service.

If you're looking for a B2B contacts list or to update your list to increase your leads and sales pipeline, SalesHive can help. We are a list building service provider that offers a variety of lists tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our list building services.
What is prospect list building?
This is simply gathering contacts (usually email addresses and company names) to market your company, product, or service to them. You will get the right list that meets your industry need from a professional list building service provider.
What are the benefits of a B2B contact list?
There are many benefits of having a business-to-business email and phone list, such as:

  • You can control who you market to: When you have your customer details, you can only choose to market to businesses in your target industry to increase leads. This ensures you're not wasting your time and money marketing to businesses that don't need your service or product.

  • You can save time: A business-to-business list can save a lot of time because you won't have to manually gather emails and numbers. This is especially useful if you're trying to build a large list that results in more leads in your target industry.

  • You can reach a larger audience: With a business-to-business list, you can reach a much larger customer base than you could if you were only marketing to individuals. For example, this can increase your leads, sales, and company size.

  • You can make your marketing more targeted: When you have a B2B list, you can segment your list so that your sales team only markets to businesses in your target product. This makes your marketing more targeted and effective, resulting in better leads, more customers, and more sales.

What is list building online?
List building online is simply gathering contacts (usually email addresses) to market your product or service to them. Seeking professional list building services will make your tasks easier as these companies find the info faster using the latest technology and increase your prospects and customers.
What is a lead list?
A lead list is a list of prospects or potential customers to which you can market your product or service to increase sales. You leave this exercise to experienced business development list providers with automated tools instead of conducting manual internet research.
What is a business-to-business contact list?
It is a collection of companies to which you can market your products or services. These lists can be compiled for various purposes, such as sales, marketing, or generating leads.
What are Custom List Building Services?
There are a lot of different "list building services" out there. But what do they really mean? A list building service is simply a company that will help you build lists of emails and phone numbers to market your products to them.

Now, there are a lot of different ways that these services can go about collecting these details. Some will simply buy lists of email addresses from other companies. Others will use more sophisticated methods, like web scraping, to collect contacts from the website and online directories.
What is List Building?
Most people in the business world are familiar with the term "list building." For those who are not, it simply refers to creating a contacts list. This list can be used for various purposes, such as email marketing or sales.

There are several different ways to go about building this list. One way is to purchase lists from third-party providers. Another option is to gather contacts manually, which can be done through various methods such as public records search or website research.

Once you have your contacts list, it's important to keep it updated and accurate. The last thing you want is to send out a marketing campaign to a bunch of emails and mobile numbers who are no longer interested in your products or services. There are several ways to update your list, such as using an email verification service.


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