The Value of B2B List Building Services

the value of B2B list building services

Building your own email or call list is a crucial component of a modern business. After all, if you can't reach those that would be interested in your products or services, how do you expect to grow your business? The good news is that you don't have to build that list on your own because you can use b2b list building services. Today's B2B list building services in the market can help you build and maintain your growing lists so that you can focus more on better uses of your time, such as following up with those that want to hear from you.

Paradoxically, however, that initial seed list can be difficult to come by if you don't already have a b2b lists of your own, and it also becomes more difficult to manage the larger it gets. If you really want to make an impact, you'll need a strategy as well as a dedicated partner that can help you make sense of all those records, ensuring that your pipeline becomes a predictable machine, not a haphazard approach to profits.

B2B Lists and B2B List Building Services

For the uninitiated, B2B list building is basically just a fancy way of referring to the practice of building and maintaining a contact list that can help kick off your lead generation efforts. It has to do with organizing and planning your marketing efforts with regard to your audience, though it's often rolled up under marketing or the CRM that your company may be using.

But there's no doubt that it's important for you to always be gathering email addresses and phone numbers so that your marketing efforts won't falter, and it's not exactly the same as building a following on social media -- you can't bring that contact information outside the platform, which means the value is rather limited.

That's precisely why many businesses engage with list building companies to help them make sense of their online audiences. Working with a B2B list building service means being able to reach out to certain segments of your audience at any time with a great new offer or information, and a properly managed list means more ways to engage with your customers and clients.

For companies that release new products often or that have a continued desire to keep in touch with their most important prospects, a great list can mean the difference between a sustainable and profitable business and one that has trouble communicating with and soliciting their audience. For smaller businesses, a comprehensive contact list can help increase your reach and help fill in valuable missing information, enhancing the value of your contacts.

Different Types of B2B Lists: Opt-in and Prospects

Before we look at how B2B list building services can help increase your pipeline, let's take a look at the difference between opting-in and not. As the name suggests, an opt-in list is filled with those that have expressed an interest in hearing from you. Whether they're existing customers or those that expressly signed up to receive marketing emails, they're not exactly prospects so much as existing clients. 

On the other hand, those that haven't yet expressed an interest represent a whole new audience. Instead of those that may already be clients, this kind of list is more about potential prospects that may be interested in your service, but they may have no prior knowledge of your company or what it is that you do. 

Beyond the two different types of lists, there are also two different ways to interact with your audience. One is known as outbound marketing, which is essentially the act of reaching out to individuals on your list and telling them about your product or service, typically with a phone call or some kind of email. Another way to interact with your audience is by inbound marketing, which is more about bringing your audience to you.

But the problem with both inbound and outbound marketing is that it's hard to scale and do well unless you have a great seed list. It's why you need a B2B list building service that can help you increase the size of your list as well as the value of the data within to where it becomes a real asset instead of something you may leverage if all else fails. 

Especially for smaller businesses that are just starting out, a viable list can mean the difference between success and failure, and working with a trusted provider gives you a way to jump the line and seed that pipeline with valuable contacts that you'd have difficulty organizing and soliciting on your own. Even established companies wouldn't want to burden their stellar sales team with list-building demands, and when you alleviate that burden you can truly unlock the power of their work.

Who Will Build Your B2B Lists?

You could hire out list building services on Upwork or another freelancer-type site, but, unfortunately, you often get what you pay for. Instead of a blessing for businesses, Upwork and the like are often a race to the bottom, utilizing unscrupulous methods to cut corners and give you value that hardly exceeds those low rates. 

Some companies may hand off the list building to an administrative assistant, intern or another low-level worker, but, again, you'll be getting what you pay for. The problem with letting just about anyone seed or manage your list is that they'll be approaching the task with the knowledge of a novice, not an expert, and that's sure to yield substandard results, redundancies or even illegal methodologies that could end up getting you in trouble.

Custom B2B List Building Services From Sales Hive

Companies that are ready for the next level of list building need comprehensive and custom list building services. It's like B2B list building services on steroids, and it can help grow your sales pipeline with valuable contacts that closely match your ideal customer profile

Here at Sales Hive, not only can we build any custom list that you can imagine, but our tried-and-true approach means more accurate lists that have real value to your brand, all at a price that fits your budget and need. To protect data integrity, all our lists are double validated for accuracy and are guaranteed to contain valuable information like mobile numbers and LinkedIn URLs that can be put to use today.

Get started with custom list building services from Sales Hive by scheduling a call today.

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