Tips For Email Marketing Campaigns That Get Read

Here are a few tips for email marketing campaigns that you should consider incorporating into your process when building cold email marketing campaigns.

Cold email marketing campaigns can be intimidating. Essentially, you’re spending time on a meaningful message, only with hopes that the reader is intrigued and wants to learn more about your product or service.

However, the hard work can really pay off—cold email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. A 2019 Adobe Email Usage Study found that Americans spend at least three hours a day checking work email, and another two hours checking personal email. This means there’s a decent chance for a response rate.

But before you can expect to see success, you have to build a cold email marketing campaign that works in your favor. Here are six tips for email marketing campaigns:

1. Make the Subject Line Your First Priority -tips for email marketing campaigns

Consider your subject line your first impression. Since you’re sending a virtual message, you have to make sure that every word counts. If you send an email with a dry subject line - or worse, none at all - you could jeopardize open rates and send your cold sales emails right to the spam filter.

A compelling subject line has the power to push through your ultimate pain point of zero clicks and get people to click and learn more.

What does a successful, clickable subject line look like? It’s short and sweet, yet descriptive and intriguing.

The shorter the better, especially because most of your readers will open their email from their smartphones or other smart devices. Keep it to no more than 9 words and 60 characters.

In as few words as possible, be as descriptive and persuasive as possible.

Think of your subject line as the bait and the readers are the fish. Make sure to be catchy and straight to the point to get a bite.

2. Keep Personalization in Mind - tips for email marketing campaigns

Research shows that personalization in marketing comes with a slew of benefits to both the business and the consumer. It creates a more positive customer experience, creating brand loyalty and trust, which ultimately leads to successful campaigns and increased revenue for the business.

This is why we highly recommend staying away from cold email marketing templates. They’re generic, outdated, and lack a strong and unique call to action.

“Personalization means that you’ve thought about who this person is, how they see the world, what interests them, and what they want — you’ve developed a ‘theory of mind’ about the recipient, Tucker Max wrote for Harvard Business Review. “This shows them you have put work into understanding them.”

It’s important to be subtle with your personalization when sending cold emails, however. Getting too comfortable before you have a chance to speak directly with your target audience can lead to reduced reply rates and overall disinterest. Something as simple as showing interest in your audience members’ day-to-day lives can make a big difference.

3. Perfect Your Call to Action -tips for email marketing campaigns

Aside from the email subject line, your call to action is the second most important part of your cold email messaging. Presenting an easy path to your product or service is all about creating a seamless customer experience. If you don’t make it easy for your prospect to get to the next stage of the sales funnel, then you’re going to see more drop-off rates.

The perfect call to action paints a clear and concise picture of exactly what you want from your readers. Your end goal should be to create a process that requires as little action as possible from the reader. We recommend putting these key components into consideration when you create your CTA:

  • Be short and sweet
  • Use action words
  • Give your reader a reason to want more
Businessman using a laptop computer

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Up -tips for email marketing campaigns

Following up after your cold email is just as important as following up with a close contact. This shows your audience that you have them at the top of your mind and believe they would benefit widely from your products or services. How many times should you plan to follow up, and how often should you do so? Below is a cadence by Freshsales designed specifically for following up on a cold email campaign:

  • Business day 1: The cold email
  • Business day 3: Follow up email 1 – The first follow up email
  • Business day 7: Follow up email 2 – A new conversation with different value
  • Business day 12: Follow up email 3 – Bring the CTA back to light
  • Business day 18: Follow up email 4 – Ask for permission to follow up
  • Business day 23: Follow up email 5 – Provide a resource on your business
  • Business day 28: Follow up email 6 – Say goodbye with the breakup email

5. Keep Things Short and Sweet -tips for email marketing campaigns

Short emails are more likely to be read to their entirety and receive a response. Sending an email that’s short, sweet, and straightforward shows that you’re interested in your readers' time and don’t want to bog them down with an essay from the get-go. Instead of stuffing a message with unnecessary fluff and open-ended questions, you can bring quality over quantity and show respect for your reader’s time.

6. Hire Someone to Take Care of Your B2B Cold Email Marketing Campaigns

Curating a cold email marketing campaign on your own can be difficult when you’re starting from scratch. Instead of sifting through cold email marketing examples and attempting to work over a generic cold email template, consider working with SalesHive.

With our efficient process design and proprietary technology, our team can test messaging, enhance performance, and deliver every email directly to your prospects' inboxes. Every message makes a difference. We can help you create an email marketing campaign that catches the attention of your target audience and gets them to subscribe and learn more.

Are you ready to add cold email campaigns to your email marketing strategy? Connect with us today to learn more about how we can help.

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