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Email Marketing

Batch and Blast- The Frequency of Email Cadence

You can’t batch and blast emails all at once without caution. You have to space things out or else you’re going to run into major issues.

Email Deliverability — A SalesHive Story

Email deliverability is complicated, and even the best industry lead generators, like us here at SalesHive, must constantly fight and struggle through the changing systems to keep deliverability good.

Email Engagement: The Art of Going in Cold

Sometimes in Lead Generation, you have no choice but to go in cold, and this is the art of doing so.

SalesHive Internal Spam Keywords

A spam keyword is a word or phrase spam filters look for when deciding to send an email to the inbox or to the spam box.

The Science of A/B Testing Sales Prospecting Emails

Very rarely does a marketer, sales rep, or copywriter find the perfect version of copy on the first try. Marketing and outbound sales are more of a science experiment: sometimes what you try works, sometimes it fails miserably, but you are never really done tweaking and experimenting and trying new things. Just when you think […]

You’re Selling Yourself Short By Selling In Your Intro Email

It’s every sales reps dream to have a first call with a prospect and instead of a discovery call, the buyer on the other line wants to purchase RIGHT NOW. Most sales emails try to make this happen by selling in the first email to a cold prospect so by the time it makes it […]

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