How to Buy Dofollow Backlinks For SEO Success

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Looking to enhance your website's visibility on search engines with dofollow backlinks? SalesHive, your go-to B2B SEO agency, is here to guide you through the essentials. In this expert guide, we'll delve into the significance of acquiring high-quality dofollow backlinks. 

We will also discuss the best practices when buying dofollow backlinks, how to vet  them for maximum SEO value, and how to best integrate them into your digital marketing strategy. Join us as we explore how to achieve top search rankings without compromising your site's integrity.

Executive Summary

  • High-quality dofollow backlinks from credible sources significantly improve search engine rankings. B2Bs should put emphasis on quality over quantity following Google’s Penguin algorithm update.
  • Effective sources for acquiring dofollow backlinks include niche-specific websites, guest blogging on reputable sites, and local directories, all of which should be leveraged for a robust and diverse backlink profile.
  • When purchasing dofollow backlinks, prioritize reputable providers, focus on link quality assessment, avoid overreliance on bought links, and maintain a balanced mix of dofollow and nofollow links for a natural and trustworthy backlink profile.

What are Dofollow Backlinks

Illustration of interconnected web links

Think of dofollow backlinks as votes of confidence from one website to another. When a website links to another and instructs search engines to follow and crawl the linked website, it’s essentially saying, “Hey, this site is worth checking out!” This vote of confidence can directly improve the linked website’s ranking in search engine results by passing on ‘link juice’ or ‘link equity’.

However, not all votes are equal. Just like a recommendation from a renowned expert carries more weight than one from an unknown source, the quality of backlinks has become more important than their quantity. 

With the Penguin algorithm update, Google started penalizing sites using link schemes and devaluing low-quality links. So, the aim shouldn’t just be about how to buy backlinks cheap, but to secure buy do-follow backlinks that are of high quality and that improve your page rank and website’s authority.

Dofollow vs. Nofollow Links

Before delving deeper, a clear understanding of the distinction between dofollow and nofollow links is necessary. In essence, dofollow links are like open doors inviting search engines to come in and explore, while nofollow links are more like closed doors telling search engines to stay out.

Dofollow links pass all the link juice to the linked site, thus directly impacting its authority in search engines. Nofollow links, on the other hand, do not directly pass on SEO juice. For SEO purposes, dofollow backlinks are preferable as they transfer SEO benefits to the linked page. However, this does not mean that nofollow links should be disregarded, as we’ll explain later.

The Role of Quality Backlinks

High-quality dofollow backlinks, especially from credible, high-authority websites, can significantly increase your search engine rankings and visibility. This means that a small number of high-quality, relevant backlinks can have a more significant impact on your SEO performance than many low-quality links.

Quality backlinks should be diverse and relevant to enhance SEO, rather than focusing solely on the number of backlinks. This means building backlinks from niche-relevant sources to bolster your website’s credibility and trust with both search engines and users. Some examples of quality backlinks include:

  • Backlinks from domains close to Google’s trusted seed sites, such as Wikipedia
  • Backlinks from authoritative industry websites
  • Backlinks from reputable blogs or news sites in your niche

These types of backlinks, often referred to as old links, are particularly valuable for improving your website’s search engine rankings.

Finding the Right Sources for Dofollow Backlinks

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Given the significance of high-quality dofollow backlinks, you might be curious about their sources. The answer lies in authoritative and relevant sites within your niche. These are highly valued by search engines and contribute significantly to your SEO efforts.

To find these niche-specific websites, or niche sites, you’ll need to utilize various tools and techniques to identify those with strong online presences. This could include directories and relevant websites related to your industry with high domain authority, which are indicators of trust and quality.

Another valuable source of dofollow backlinks are online business directories, which are trusted by users and search engines alike.

Niche-Specific Websites

Building a robust backlink profile demands a crucial focus on niche relevance. Search engines view links from industry-related sites as strong indicators of authority and relevance, making them highly valuable for your SEO.

Niche-specific Website Design

To secure these niche-specific backlinks, personalized outreach is key. This involves:

  • Contacting website owners
  • Suggesting your content for inclusion on their resource pages
  • Showing them how linking to your site can benefit their own audience and content.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Another potent strategy to secure high-quality backlinks is guest blogging. It involves identifying reputable websites within your niche that accept guest posts and building relationships with these site owners.

Wordpress, blogging, & content writing

The trick to successful guest blogging is to provide valuable content. By ensuring your guest blog posts and articles are packed with useful information, you’ll be recognized as a thought leader, and this increases the likelihood of obtaining dofollow backlinks. Moreover, guest blogging on authoritative niche websites not only helps in obtaining niche-relevant dofollow backlinks but also helps in establishing expertise and diversifying your backlink profile.

Local Business Listings and Directories

Often underestimated, local business listings and directories can be reliable sources for high-quality backlinks. These platforms can bolster local SEO, enhance your business’s local online presence, and provide valuable dofollow backlinks.

By listing your business in local directories, you gain targeted visibility to consumers searching for local services. This not only increases your chances of your service being discovered by potential customers but also provides valuable dofollow backlinks to your site.

Purchasing Dofollow Backlinks: Best Practices

Illustration of link quality assessment

Although organic methods of building a robust backlink profile are ideal, the purchase of dofollow backlinks can provide a significant boost to your SEO efforts. However, this should be done with caution.

Companies like SEOeShop specialize in offering high-quality dofollow backlinks, including dofollow comment backlinks, and they provide detailed reports for each purchased backlink, which include essential metrics like Page Rank, OBLs count, and Dofollow/Nofollow attributes. These metrics are crucial for ranking and assessing link quality, making it a smart choice to buy high pr dofollow backlinks from such reputable sources.

However, it’s important to remember that for sustainable SEO performance, investing money in legitimate SEO practices through a reputable agency is recommended over the short-term strategy of simply using money buying backlinks.

Assessing Link Quality

Link quality assessment forms a crucial component when buying dofollow backlinks. The quality of a dofollow backlink is contingent on several factors such as the prominence of the linking site and the contextual relevance of both the anchor text and the linked content.

When appraising potential websites for dofollow backlinks, it’s essential to evaluate the domain authority and its relevance to your specific business interests or unique content subject matter. SEO tools like Moz or Ahrefs can greatly aid in determining the quality of potential backlink sources and help avoid settling for links that may be inexpensive but of low quality.

Quantity vs. Quality

A common mistake when buying dofollow backlinks is an undue emphasis on quantity rather than quality. However, just like a few words of advice from a wise friend are more valuable than a multitude of words from untrustworthy acquaintances, a few high-quality links can outperform a multitude of low-quality ones. The more links you buy doesn't necessarily mean better SEO performance.

Prioritizing quality control over quantity in backlinking

Amassing a large quantity of backlinks from dubious or irrelevant sources can damage your site’s reputability. Therefore, to ensure a robust backlink profile, it’s recommended to conduct a quarterly review of your backlink quality versus quantity strategy, adapting as necessary to the evolving nature of search algorithms.

Monitoring and Tracking Backlinks

After the purchase of dofollow backlinks, their monitoring and tracking become indispensable. This report helps businesses to assess their effectiveness and identify any issues that may arise.

There are various tools that offer detailed link analysis, backlink tracking, and other functionalities, such as Ahrefs, SE Ranking, Sitechecker, RankActive, Monitor Backlinks,, and OpenLinkProfiler. These tools can help you find more links and improve your SEO strategy.

Regularly monitoring backlinks is important to ensure the quality of the link profile and to manage it effectively, which is essential for avoiding penalties when you buy links.

Maximizing the Benefits of Dofollow Backlinks

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Merely securing and managing dofollow backlinks is not enough. To fully exploit their benefits, you need to unleash the full potential of all the links.

This involves diversifying the types of links in your backlink profile page. Just like a diverse investment portfolio reduces risk and increases potential returns, a diversified link mixture contributes to a more natural linkset, which is essential for a healthy and effective SEO strategy.

Diversifying Anchor Text

Diversifying your anchor text is another important aspect of maximizing the benefits of dofollow backlinks. This is because search engines like Google view varied anchor tag texts as a sign of natural link patterns.

An unnatural link profile, with excessive use of keyword-rich anchor text, can trigger search engine penalties, harming your site’s rankings. The anchor text for dofollow backlinks should be descriptive, naturally including the target keyword, to assist search engines in understanding the context and relevance of the linked page.

Creating High-Quality Content

Despite this post’s focus on dofollow backlinks, we must not forget that high-quality content forms the cornerstone of any fruitful SEO strategy. Creating ‘Ultimate Guides’, employing the ‘Skyscraper’ tag and technique, using specific content formats such as ‘Why’ and ‘What’ posts, blogs, infographics, and videos, providing exclusive insights and resources, and branding specific methods or concepts developed within your content can all attract natural dofollow backlinks.

Creating high-quality content with the best tools

Furthermore, ensuring your content or service is relevant to your niche can attract more targeted traffic and lead to higher conversion rates.

Building a Strong Backlink Profile

Constructing a robust backlink profile entails more than mere acquisition of dofollow backlinks. It requires a strategic approach, where you acquire links from diverse types of relevant websites, including industry publications and local bloggers.

Forming valuable partnerships

Forming partnerships with industry partners, vendors, and customers can lead to beneficial reciprocal link exchanges, enhancing the overall strength of a backlink profile. Consistency in business information across all directory listings also bolsters SEO efforts and contributes to establishing a credible, authoritative backlink profile.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Buying Dofollow Backlinks

Purchasing dofollow backlinks can indeed be one of effective ways to enhance your SEO, but it’s vital to steer clear of certain pitfalls. Not doing so could result in penalties from search engines, leading to substantial drops in page rank in search rankings.

One needs to diligently monitor their backlink profile for risky links, especially after purchasing backlinks. If necessary, consider using the disavow tool to prevent these links from harming your SEO.

Falling for Cheap or Low-Quality Offers

In the world of SEO, you often get what you pay for. Cheap or low-quality backlinks, primarily from sites with low domain authority or deemed ‘spammy’, can negatively affect your SEO rankings.

While paid links might offer a quick increase in search rankings, they pose significant risks as Google can eventually detect and nullify their effects, leading to a flawed long-term strategy. Moreover, Google’s algorithmic penalties can target websites with a high number of low-quality links.

Relying Solely on Purchased Backlinks

Though purchased backlinks can add value to your SEO strategy, it’s perilous to rely on them exclusively. Websites that buy links and businesses that do so are at a significant risk of being penalized by search engines.

Instead, purchased backlinks should serve as a complement to organic link-building efforts. A balanced mix of organic and paid backlinks helps to avoid the detection of artificial link patterns that could undermine the credibility of your website’s backlink profile.

Ignoring Nofollow Links

Lastly, even though the emphasis of this blog post is on the significance of dofollow backlinks, the importance of nofollow links should not be overlooked. A healthy backlink profile includes a mix of dofollow and nofollow links, as this helps it appear more natural and trustworthy to search engines.

Nofollow backlinks can contribute to a site’s traffic, enhance brand awareness, and even serve as an entry point for dofollow links. Therefore, for optimal SEO, a strategy incorporating both high-quality dofollow backlinks and strategic use of nofollow links, as well as do follow backlinks, is recommended.


As seen in this expert guide, dofollow backlinks emerge as a potent asset within the realm of SEO. They wield the capacity to amplify your website’s visibility, bolster its authority, and exert a profound influence on search engine rankings. Nevertheless, akin to any tool, their efficacy hinges on prudent utilization.

Quality outweighs quantity in this domain. A handful of premium, contextually relevant backlinks can surpass a plethora of low-grade ones. While procuring dofollow backlinks can inject momentum into your SEO efforts, it's imperative to steer clear of common pitfalls. 

At SalesHive, we encourage you to refrain from over-reliance on purchased links, and acknowledge the significance of nofollow links. Regular monitoring and evaluation of your backlink profile, diversification of anchor text, and a steadfast commitment to generating top-tier, pertinent content should remain your guiding principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dofollow backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks are links that allow search engines to follow and crawl the linked website, increasing its rank in its index and visibility in the search engine results page.

What is the difference between dofollow and nofollow links?

Dofollow links allow search engines to follow and crawl the linked site, passing SEO value, while nofollow links do not directly pass on SEO juice.

How can I get high-quality dofollow backlinks?

To get high-quality traffic, dofollow backlinks, seek them from reputable, relevant sources within your niche, guest blog on authoritative websites, and list your business in local directories. These strategies can help improve your site's SEO and visibility.

What are the common pitfalls to avoid when buying dofollow backlinks?

When buying dofollow backlinks, avoid falling for cheap or low-quality offers, relying solely on purchased backlinks, and ignoring nofollow links. Quality and relevance are key for effective link building.

How can I maximize the benefits of dofollow backlinks?

To maximize the benefits of dofollow backlinks, focus on diversifying your backlink profile, varying anchor text, creating high-quality content, and building a strong backlink profile. This will enhance the overall impact of your backlink strategy.


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