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17 Key Hurdles for B2B Sales Development (Part One)

Executive Summary: You won't find free in-depth Sales Development best practices online Most employees have little or no experience in Sales Development Lack of detailed documentation and processes exist to guide SDRs Companies assume what their buyer thinks and likes Companies don’t know their total addressable market (TAM) Sales Development contact databases will never be […]

Should I Hire More Than One Outsourced Lead Generation Company?

Executive Summary: Outsourced Lead Generation has a more efficient price point than using in-house SDR’s Outsourcing expands outreach, supports pipeline, offers performance comparison, and focuses specialization It’s always good to A/B test Lead Generation Companies For our full analysis of why Outsourcing Lead Generation May Be The Smartest Decision, click HERE Lead Generation; for most […]

Successful Outbound Email Campaigns In The New Decade

Executive Summary Email is the most often used channel of lead generation specialists Know the difference between Spamming and well-orchestrated Outbound Email Campaigns Not every email has to be personalized but it does have to be targeted Separate domains safeguard against any single domain being compromised By ramping up sending volume, starting slow, and getting […]

Telemarketing and Cold Calling Services During Covid

Executive Summary As email outreach volume increases during Covid-19, open rates fall dramatically Time to move to Cold Calling C-suite level decision makers prefer the phone Appointment setting companies like SalesHive, the Best Lead Generation Company, provide cold calling services Winning B2B companies in 2020 are outsourcing Lead Generation to telemarketing services As the world […]

Lead Generation: Are Your Sales Reps Treating Their Prospects Like Tinder Profiles

Executive Summary Losing Sales reps try to save time by quickly swiping through endless incoming leads 66% of top-performing sellers think that underperforming peers don’t dedicate enough time or energy to their leads 58% of sales meetings are not valuable to buyers Winning reps know how to balance their pipeline Quality over quantity is the […]

B2B Lead Generation Specialists: They May Be the Smartest Decision When the Economy Sucks

Executive Summary 83% of in-house SDR’s don’t hit quota As email outreach volume increases during Covid-19, open rates fall dramatically In-house SDR’s can run companies up to $100k/year In-house SDR Average Cost Per Meeting is $900 While a single in-house SDR can cost $8300/mo- outsourcing a fully equipped SDR team like SalesHive, the Best B2B […]

Defining the TAM: Know How to Identify Your Total Addressable Market

Every business that has ever encountered any genuine level of success, from the neighborhood plumber who operates out of his sticker plastered van to the delivery behemoth Amazon, has done at least this one thing right: identified a problem which potential buyers have and offered them a solution. Why? Money, of course. Most companies can’t […]

A Platform-wise Guide To Executing Outbound

Prospects don’t want to meet with just anybody, and they are 72% more likely to meet with you if they perceive you as an expert in your field. Of course, your choice of platform is a key factor on how your approach potential buyers and execute your outbound strategy; and with this guide, we intend […]

Simple Guide To Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP Sales)

Before a single call is made or email is sent, you need to know who to target on an account level, but more importantly you need to know why you should reach out to this account. This may seem like business 101, but you’d be shocked how many companies don’t know who their true Ideal […]

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