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Cold Calling

Cold Calling and Its Success Rates

Cold Calling and Its Success Rates Before you invest time and energy in any marketing strategy, it’s important you evaluate whether it has the potential to effectively generate leads for your business. While some marketers may suggest that B2B cold calling isn’t worth your time, the statistics say otherwise – here’s why it’s a lead […]

How to Calculate Cold Calling Conversion Rates

Use this cold calling calculator to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your sales team cold phone calls. In sales, any strategy that your company adopts must be measured to guarantee your team is on the right track. And when it comes to SDR, there are plenty of metrics you should keep an eye […]

Is Cold Calling Still Effective in 2021?

Is cold calling effective? Can you trust phone calls to boost sales in the 21st century - a time when people use their phones all the time, but hate making calls? Well, many marketers will tell you not to cold call, but we argue the contrary. Although it might seem that people nowadays hate phone […]

Don't Settle for Low Cold Calling Success Rates

Cold calling is the bane of the sales experience. Or so goes the common manta against the tactic of cold calling. After all, cold calling is a disruptive practice that if done poorly can not only be ineffectual, it can turn off the very people that would otherwise be interested in your product or service.  […]

Is B2B Cold Calling Legal?

Most businesses today see cold calling as one of those necessary evils in today's highly competitive, always-on world. Indeed, most modern sales techniques rely on that human interaction that you can only get over the phone, via video chat or in person.  But when trust is built one phone call or personal interaction at a […]

The Benefits of B2B Cold Calling

As technology continues to change the way we do business, many find cold calling to be irrelevant. However, they couldn’t be more wrong about this conventional yet beneficial sales technique. It takes a bit more to convince prospects to purchase your products or services than simply wowing them with gadgets, gizmos, and a fancy website. […]