Sales ROI Calculator for B2B Cold Calling

Use our cold calling ROI calculator to understand the growth potential of adding cold calling to your sales development strategy. It will help you to understand the B2B cold calling statistics and how many cold calls ultimately lead to success or buyers accepted meetings. It is the most effective tool salespeople should have, besides knowing how to make a successful sales pitch.
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What Is The Formula Behind Cold Calling ROI?

Before you can improve your cold calling efforts, it’s important to benchmark the ROI of your existing cold calling efforts. We’ve created a handy calculator that you can use to figure out where you currently stand and then you’ll learn about industry-tested methods to boost your KPIs. As with any element of your B2B sales strategy, the fundamental starting point is setting objectives and understanding your cold calling conversion rates. The key is understanding what KPIs you need to measure, what represents cold call success, and how to determine ROI against spending.

A single sales representative makes 8,400 phone calls per month working full-time which will result in about 432 conversions per month. More conversations lead to more meetings per month, and more meetings will increase the number of closed deals per month.

You can use our Cold Calling ROI Calculator to figure out how many cold callers you can afford and run through scenarios to determine what your lowest close rate threshold and contract value should ever be.

Calculate Your Cold Calling ROI Using Our Pricing Calculator

Find out how many sales representatives it will take to hit your company's cold calling success rates and growth goals.

How The Cold Calling Calculator Works

Cold Calling SDRs

This is the amount of full-time sales development reps that you have dedicated to cold calling. These sales reps call 6-8 hours per day and have a dedicated role as cold calling sales professionals. The sales reps are managed by a sales statistics team tasked with reviewing activities, recording calls, and monitoring web log ins.

Cold Calls Per Full-Time Rep Per Day

The average successful cold call per full-time cold calling SDR is 400 calls per day. This metric can vary depending on how your list quality, answer rates and how talkative your calling prospects are. Some business buyers are happy to have a 10 min conversation with a complete stranger and some people just want to get off the phone as quickly as possible.

Avg Working Days Per Month

For the point of this calculator, we use an average of 21 working days per month, which also account for the 10 federal holidays per year.

Cold Calls Per Month

It really is important to zoom out and look at ROI from a monthly perspective, so we take the average calls per day and extrapolate the average monthly dials per sales rep by multiplying it by the average working days per month.

Cold Calls Per Month = Cold Calling SDRs * Cold Calls Per Full-Time Rep Per Day * Avg Working Days Per Month

Avg Cold Call Conversation Rate

For the purpose of this ROI calculator we set this to a constant of 4.0%, which is a bit lower than the average of 4.5% but we prefer to be a bit more conservative when projecting ROI. This rate represents the percentage of conversations divided by the amount of phone calls.

It is important to look at this B2B cold calling statistics over at least a month long period so there is a large enough sample size to get an accurate number.

Formula: Call-to-Conversation Rate = Conversations Per Month / Calls Per Month

Conversations Per Month

This metric is found by multiplying the number of cold calls per month times the average call to conversation rate. This represents the amount of people the sales rep cold called on the phone in a month.

Formula: Conversations Per Month = Cold Calls Per Month * Avg Call-to-Conversation Rate

Avg Conversation-to-Meeting Rate

This metric represents how many buyers accept meetings or how many cold calls ultimately lead to meetings. This success rate can vary greatly depending on the quality of the sales pitch and the persuasiveness of the cold caller. For this number we use a constant of 4% which is a conservative average of B2B sales prospecting meetings results.

Meetings Per Month

This is the estimated number of sales meetings set by the cold calling sales representatives. To calculate this we simply took the number of monthly conversations and multiplied it by the average conversion-to-meeting rate.

Formula: Meetings Per Month = Conversations Per Month * Avg Conversation-to-Meeting Rate

Closed Won Rate (Varies By Company)

This is the number of closed won deals from cold calling / by the total number of meetings set from cold calling reps. Generally speaking, it is important to factor in no shows, even if the buyers accept meetings during the cold calls or follow up call, and unqualified calls made during the outreach efforts.

Closed Won Deals Per Month

This is where the selling process and buying process happens! Enough said. This metric is found by multiplying the number of meetings by the Closed Won Rate.

Formula: Closed Won Deals Per Month = Meetings Per Month * Closed Won Rate

Avg Contract Value (Varies By Company)

This input varies on your product and client lifetime. Typically we recommend to take your average client lifetime value, but other managers prefer to put their monthly recurring revenue.

Won Contract Value Per Month

This is the expected amount of future revenue from a given month of cold calling. It is calculated by multiplying the amount of Closed Won Deals Per Month by the Average Contract Value.

Cold Calling Cost Per Month

$5000 for first half-time caller, then $4500 / half-time caller after that.

Cold Calling ROI

Cold Calling ROI = (Won Contract Value Per Month – Cold Calling Cost Per Month) / Cold Calling Cost Per Month.

Explore The SalesHive Cold Calling Guide

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Before you can improve your cold calling efforts, it’s important to benchmark the ROI of your existing calling efforts. We’ve created a handy calculator that you can use to figure out where you currently stand and then you’ll learn about industry-tested methods to boost your KPIs.

A single SDR working full time can make 8,400 cold calls per month which will result in about 432 conversions per month. More conversations lead to more meetings per month, and more meetings will increase the number of closed deals per month.
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Cold calls are far from dead– many businesses use this technique in some capacity, though the intention is certainly different from what it was back in the day.

Originally, the technique was solely a sales technique that had a whopping 2% success rate and annoyed an entire generation of consumers. Now, many would think that the technique is dead, but that’s not the case. It has simply evolved in both technique and purpose. Rather than aggressively trying to close a sale in a ten-minute phone conversation, today’s brands can use cold or warm calling to get to know consumers.

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A core attribution to a business’s success is to be financially strategic, in other words, if they already have a system going there may be some friction with talking them into trying something new. You are providing something these people need, resistance is typically caused by natural tendencies to stick with what you know.

It’s going to be very common that you are going to be experiencing a fair share of objections. Objections are not NO’s. If you get an objection- they haven’t hung up on you yet, so they’re still listening and hoping for you to overcome!

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