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B2B Email Domain Warming

Our email operations and deliverability experts can help your team setup new email domains, warm them up using seed lists and ramp them up with precision.

Make Sure Your Marketing Emails Hit The Inbox

Currently, the biggest challenge companies’ face isn’t their ability to send emails, but rather their ability to get those emails into the inbox of their target prospects. If a domain is flagged as spam, it’s likely that most of the emails sent from that domain in the future will end up in the spam box. The worst part? You may never know your emails are going to spam until you’ve wasted months sending emails and watching your open rates slowly drop. 

Our email domain warming service builds your domain’s reputation up by creating thousands of positive engagements on the domain within our network of domains from opening emails and marking emails as safe if they land in the spam box. This process will not only improve your deliverability but also greatly increase your chances of getting a response from your target prospects.

Understanding Email Authentication

The first step to ensuring top deliverability is to properly setup your email authentication.

SPF Records

SPF allows senders to define which IP addresses are allowed to send mail for a particular domain. This is the first method of testing email authenticity.

DKIM Records

DKIM provides a digital signature that verifies that an email message was not faked or altered. This is the second method of testing email authenticity.

DMARC Records

DMARC unifies SPF and DKIM into a common framework and allows domain owners to declare how emails are handled if they fail authorization.

How Domain Warming Works

Automated Email Engagement

Our transactional messaging technology creates and maintains daily positive email activity.

Continual Daily Domain Warming

We continue warming email domains after you start mailing, offsetting any potential issues.

Our Email Domain Warming Process

Purchase New Domain

Something similar to your main company domain.

Connect To Our Platform

Setup email account and connect to SalesHive.

Begin Engagement

Start sending, opening, replying and marking as not spam.

Improved Open Rates

After 1-2 weeks your email domains will be ready for sending.

Begin Engagement

Start sending, opening, replying and marking as not spam.

The Long-Term Effects Of Domain Warming

Improved Sender IP Reputation

Positive email engagement can move domains to better IP ranges.

Increased Open Rates

These better IP ranges increase your deliverability and open rates.

Improved Domain Reputation

Domains usually take 1-2 weeks to start hitting high deliverability.
We continuously run domain warming campaigns for all of our client domains to ensure top deliverability open rates. Our email deliverability experts run tests weekly to make sure all campaigns are running properly and we make weekly adjustments to email header to test for new gmail updates. 

   - Brendan Burnett (CEO, SalesHive)

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