10 Best Tactics for Email Outreach Campaigns

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Email marketing is key to a successful email outreach campaign. It is crucial to consider every detail from identifying the appropriate target audience to contact to creating engaging emails and effective CTAs. 

Whether you want to increase your conversion rates, increase your ROI, or close a sales deal, having an effective email outreach tactic is a must.

According to Ringostat, a B2B report by the Content Marketing Institute stated that 40% of marketers believe email newsletters are the most important aspect of the marketing strategy. This is because there are roughly 306.4 billion emails that are sent and received daily, so it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and get your email opened, read, and replied to. 

If you want to scale your business, you'll need to step outside of your comfort zone and make the correct connections by applying the best cold email outreach campaign tactics. 

What Exactly is Email Outreach? 

Email outreach means reaching out to a potential customer via email to grow a relationship to achieve a goal. 

That goal can be anything from promoting an event to closing a sale. No matter what you focus on, whether that is lead generation, sales, or digital marketing, cold email outreach is a crucial component of any business growth strategy.

What is an Email Outreach Campaign? 

Now that we understand the basics of email outreach, let’s take a look at what an email outreach campaign is. 

An email outreach campaign, also referred to as an outreach drip campaign, is the process of sending automatically delivered emails to fresh or cold leads for a specific purpose. 

Email outreach campaigns focus on creating prospect lists, scheduling cold emails, and arranging follow-up emails to persuade prospects to take the desired action.

Useful Tactics for Email Outreach Campaigns 

Here are 10 tactics that can serve as an inspiration for your upcoming outreach email effort.

1. Do Research 

To reach your target audience and grow through email outreach, research is needed. 

By conducting thorough research on your target market, you can get to know them better, understand their expectations, and deliver them the information they want. It is also important to research your competitors, what works for them, and how they reach potential customers. 

Another great way to make connections is by leveraging Linkedin. This allows you to select your leads, see their comments, and learn more about them.  

2. Hook Recipients from the Subject Line

An engaging email subject line is perhaps the most important part of an email as it is what convinces the recipient to click on the entire email. Hubspot found that 35% of recipients open their emails based on the subject line only. Therefore, a bad subject line can turn away prospective clients and hurt your business. 

In your email outreach campaign, your subject line should give readers insight into what product or service you are offering. It should create interest and make them want to take action. It is also a fabulous way to build trust and build positive relationships. 

3. Engage Readers in the First Sentences 

If your outreach email is opened, you need to encourage the recipient to read it. Just like the subject line, if the first sentence is uninteresting, the reader will quickly click out of your email. 

You must provide useful, relevant, and engaging information in your cold email outreach to keep their attention. 

4. Add Personalization

Personalization is a critical factor of an email outreach campaign. People seek authenticity, so adding a touch of personalization to your outreach email can make all the difference. 

Make your outreach email unique and original to give your readers something they won’t receive anywhere else. Find direct contact details to keep it special and personal and make it appear like you did your homework. Personalization not only boosts trust but also creates loyal customers. 

5. Provide Value 

When it comes to email outreach, the norm of reciprocity still applies. People feel compelled to repay a favor when something is done for them. Your outreach email will stand out if you provide something of value in return. 

A great link-building outreach tactic is extending a free gift to the individual you contact whether or not they add your link. For example, you could link to a course, membership, or eBook that offers the prospect value. 

6. Keep Emails Short

Long emails are neither enjoyable nor convenient for readers. Keep your email outreach campaign short and sweet because emails only last so long in a recipient’s mind. 

According to a study by Hubspot, an email with 50 to 125 words is ideal. Another study found that emails shorter than 200 words have the highest clickthrough rate. With this in mind, don’t make your email too short, and always provide enough value and detail to increase conversion rates. 

7. Use Humor 

It is a good idea to use humor in your outreach emails to make them memorable and eye-catching. Email humor should be light, amusing, and appropriate to ensure a positive response from your audience. 

Using humor will help you stand out from competitors and keep the reader’s attention until the end. However, you still have to be cautious when sending out funny outreach emails and make sure the recipient can identify the humor within them. 

8. Have a Strong CTA 

Your email outreach campaigns should include a strong, actionable, and clear call to action. The CTA is what makes your emails sell, create more leads, and increase your ROI. 

For instance, embed a “Call Us Now” button or a “Shop Now” statement to motivate your readers to take action. WordStream found that emails with a single CTA got 371% more clicks and generated 1617% more sales than emails without a CTA.

9. Follow-Up 

When reading your email, recipients can become preoccupied and completely overlook it. In actuality, 70% of emails don’t make it past the first attempt. Including a follow-up in your email outreach campaigns will act as a reminder and help you seal the deal. 

Don’t follow up right away. It is best to wait 15 days or a month later to give readers time to process your first email. 

10. Track your Results 

You should always track your email outreach campaigns to understand who opened your emails, how many people clicked on your links, who downloaded attachments, and so on. You may use this information to determine who could be worth reaching out to with follow-up emails by seeing who is interested in your material.

Tracking your results helps you grow your business by providing relevant information and data that can improve your email outreach campaign. 

No matter what your email outreach goal is, these tactics will help you create a successful email outreach campaign that delivers results. 

Importance of Email Outreach Campaigns 

The following are a few of the benefits email outreach has to offer. 

Get in Touch with the Target Audience 

Email outreach campaigns allow you to connect with your target audience in an easy and convenient way. 

You can change your outreach emails to suit the segment you’re aiming for and make them feel as if they're the only ones receiving the product or service, leading to an increase in sales. 

Increase Brand Awareness 

Email outreach makes your brand more well-known and improves brand image. This helps turn leads into customers, which can lead to a strong loyal customer base. 

Gain Wider Exposure 

Thanks to the share button, the emails you send reach a wider audience than simply the intended recipients.

Your audience is more likely to forward materials to friends and family when there is an alluring offer or exclusive discount available, which makes your job a lot easier. 

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