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There are two tried and true methods to growing a business and boosting sales: cold emailing and cold calling.

Email marketing vs. cold calling is a dilemma that salespeople and marketers regularly face. Some sales reps prefer cold calls, whereas others favor email outreach.

Is one strategy more effective at contacting potential customers than the other? The best response to this question is no! Cold emailing and cold calling are equally successful at cutting through the clutter and attracting prospects.

Let’s take a closer look at cold emailing vs. cold calling and how both can help you scale your business, especially if you use b2b cold calling services.

What is Cold Email Marketing?

Cold email marketing is a method of contacting a list of potential customers by using email as the primary method of contact. A successful email outreach campaign will turn prospects into customers and make first-time buyers recurring clients.

Cold emails are a part of email marketing that aims to connect with potential customers while email marketing as a whole encompasses efforts to increase brand knowledge, trust, and loyalty.

As interest in cold email marketing increases over time, sales teams are using it more frequently to interact with prospects and reach company goals. The Marketing Minute states that 86% of business professionals choose cold email marketing to communicate, and for good reason.

Due to its affordability, scalability, and effectiveness, cold email is a fantastic tool for all businesses. Plus, there has been a 760% rise in revenue from email marketing campaigns for B2B companies.

In addition to being effective, cold email marketing is also one of the most economical marketing and sales methods available. Its wide reach enables you to connect with peers, clients you already have, potential new ones, and everyone in between.

Why is Cold Email Important?

One of the best sales channels you can introduce to your company is cold email. There is no denying the power of cold email, whether you use it to grow your network, seek mentors, connect with influencers, find sales leads, or promote your personal brand.

Here are the top reasons why cold email is crucial for all businesses:


A skilled salesperson is aware of the value of networking in today’s world. Cold outreach emails allow you to connect with professionals and introduce your company.

If the recipient appreciates your genuine effort, they may get in touch with you and support the growth of your business.

Brand awareness

Since cold emails are typically targeted to prospects who have never heard of your company before, they help increase brand awareness.

With the use of cold emails, you can introduce your product to potential customers who may find value in your product or service and raise awareness of your brand.

Lead generation

Cold email marketing enables you to establish relationships with prospects and gradually work your way toward turning them into worthwhile clients.

The main advantage of cold emailing is that it is very targeted, which means you are only reaching out to a market that is interested in your products or services.


Cold emails allow you to reach thousands of potential customers in one day. You are able to track their effectiveness and carefully plan your future email based on the result.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Builds trust. Email marketing fosters a sense of community among recipients and brands by fostering trust between them.
  2. Increases engagement. It raises customer interest in your goods or services.
  3. Converts leads. It aids in converting marketing-qualified leads into leads that are ready for sales.
  4. Increases buying interest. Email marketing allows you to transform leads into paying customers.

Benefits of Cold Email Marketing

  1. Expand your reach. Cold email marketing helps you expand the reach of your business and reach customers where they spend a lot of time – their inbox.
  2. Grow email lists. Cold email assists in building a strong email list.
  3. Cold emails are persistent. A social media sales pitch is frequently ignored by thousands of people. Since cold emails are persistent, your prospects are less likely to overlook them.
  4. Cold emails are attractive. Cold emails are visually attractive due to their satisfying layout. If something is more appealing, it is less likely to be rejected.
  5. Cold emails can be personalized. You can adjust the tone of the email message to fit your prospect’s profile.

What is Cold Calling?

When it comes to email marketing vs cold calling, they are quite similar. You may have heard that cold calling is dead, but that is far from the truth! Cold calling is important and should be done by salespeople for all businesses.

Cold calls and cold emails are both excellent prospecting tools in and of themselves. While cold emails reach out to potential customers by email, cold calling is done by dialing a number to make a sales pitch.

Cold calling is the technique of contacting a prospective client or customer who hasn't previously demonstrated interest in speaking with a customer care agent or making a transaction.

Why is Cold Calling Important?

Cold calling starts a relationship

Calling someone gives you the chance to establish a human connection in an era where so much prospecting is largely conducted over the internet.

Cold calls are a great opportunity to establish rapport with your B2B prospect and make a strong first impression.

You can put out a clear message

When a salesperson cold calls, they have a cold calling script they follow that promotes the product or service to maintain a clear and consistent message.

They have pre-written responses for handling sales objections. If a cold call is done by a knowledgeable, enthused salesperson, there is a high chance of success.

Cold calling helps you learn

Cold calling is a fantastic learning opportunity. It gives you the chance to know what customers think about your product or service and lets you find out anything you want to know.

The data you obtain while cold calling as a cold calling company is crucial for understanding the market. It enables you to alter your product to better meet the needs of your customers and compete with your rivals.

Cold calling gives you a competitive advantage

When carried out by experienced salespeople, cold calling can be an effective technique for booking sales meetings.

Salespeople with the right training can establish relationships with prospects, get through barriers, and persuade clients to take specific actions.

It is measurable

With outbound sales software, salespeople can find out exactly how many calls they're making and how many prospects they're speaking with. They can also see how many cold calls are resulting in appointments.

Additionally, you use recordings of your cold calls to grow your skills and coach other salespeople for success.

Benefits of Cold Calling

  1. Reach new customers. Cold calling allows you to reach potential customers who may never come across your website. Through cold calling with a cold calling company, you can get in touch with people that fit your ideal clientele and inform them of the services your company provides.
  2. Master sales pitch. By making cold calls, you can repeatedly practice and perfect your sales pitch. Once you've had a few interactions with potential customers, you gain all the feedback you need and modify your sales pitch to succeed.
  3. Make a human connection. Cold calling enables you to make an authentic human connection with your prospect. When you call someone and speak with them right away, they can be more inclined to hear what you have to say.
  4. Cost-effective. Cold calling with a cold calling company is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach prospects without having to meet face to face.

When to Cold Call?

Calling someone on the phone can be quite effective when it comes to

  • arranging meetings,
  • making the prospect feel more at ease,
  • obtaining recommendations,
  • or gathering more data.

Real-time communication is efficient and productive, therefore cold calling is a wonderful choice if you want to speak directly to a prospect.

When to Cold Email?

When you want to reach more people with your cold outreach, email outreach campaigns are the way to go.

However, you shouldn't send a single email to your complete email list in one go. This can result in numerous spam reports and may damage your reputation.

Cold Emailing vs Cold Call: Use Both

The combination of cold calling with a cold calling company and email marketing is a recipe for success. Having highly-trained professionals handle your B2B email outreach campaigns and cold calls ensures you will achieve the results you’ve been looking for.

At SalesHive, your cold calls will be handled by our expertly skilled development reps, who will fill your calendars with meetings. Our cold email outreach efforts will cut through the noise and result in high-caliber meetings with key decision-makers in your target market.

Start your email outreach today!

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A single SDR working full time can make 8,400 cold calls per month which will result in about 432 conversions per month. More conversations lead to more meetings per month, and more meetings will increase the number of closed deals per month.

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It’s going to be very common that you are going to be experiencing a fair share of objections. Objections are not NO’s.
If you get an objection- they haven’t hung up on you yet, so they’re still listening and hoping for you to overcome!
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