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How to Start the Email Marketing Process

Choosing the appropriate marketing communication channel to deliver your message to your customers is crucial for a successful marketing campaign. With the combination of a strong message and the proper media channel, you can persuade customers to do business with you.  One of the most widely used marketing channels to this day is email marketing. […]

Things to Know About Cold Calling as a Service

Cold calling is feared by salespeople and business owners all over the world. The process of calling a stranger to introduce a product or service to them can be nerve-wracking and exhausting. When done incorrectly, both the receiver and the initiator can suffer, so you might be wondering why it still exists. The answer is […]

B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

There are several different marketing strategies a business can use to attract new customers and convert consumer interest into sales. Once you have determined your goals and who you want to target, you need to choose a channel of communication to reach potential customers.  While word-of-mouth and social media marketing might be sufficient for small […]

10 Cold Calling Tips

Are you looking to get more out of your cold calling efforts? If so, then these ten cold calling tips might be exactly what you need! 1. Invest In Your List There’s no point calling people who have absolutely no interest in your products or services. You may be the greatest salesperson in the world, […]

15 Email List Building Strategies to Build Your Email Lists

What’s the first step to converting leads through an email outreach campaign? It’s building a good email list, and this is very much an art.  Here are fifteen email list building strategies you should look to implement.  1. Offer an Incentive Look at it as a transaction. Your subscriber is giving you their personal details, […]

5 Simple Tips for Getting the Most From LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn messaging is a great way to reach your target audience and start a conversation. If you’ve tried it, then you know it can be a little tricky. We’re inundated with marketing messages all the time and even on LinkedIn it can be a challenge to get your message to stand out.  If that’s the […]

The Ultimate Direct Mail Guide

Who doesn’t like receiving a gift in the mail?  Forget stuffy old flyers, modern direct mail is a lot more exciting than that, and for many businesses, it can be a very lucrative marketing tactic.  Here’s your ultimate Direct Mail Guide.  Why Use Direct Mail? When we look at it in the context of the […]

5 Lead Generation Challenges and How to Avoid Them

Valuable customers come from high-quality lead generation. The question is, how can you optimize your process to make sure you’re getting the most out of your lead generation strategy? Many businesses face the same challenges, and while they’re not necessarily easy to solve, the right strategies can make a huge difference to your customer acquisition. […]

How to Avoid Emails Going to Spam

It’s endlessly frustrating when you spend time on your email campaigns but just don’t get the results you were looking for. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case, but one of them could be the fact that your emails aren’t hitting people’s inboxes.  If deliverability is holding back your email […]