High Quality Backlink Building - Best Techniques and How to Implement Them

How to get quality backlinks for your site

Backlinks play a significant role in search engine optimization (SEO) by influencing a website's search engine rankings.

Search engines like Google use backlinks as a key ranking factor to assess the relevance, authority, and popularity of a website.

The more quality backlinks a website has from authoritative sources, the higher it's likely to rank in search engine results pages for relevant queries. 

In this comprehensive guide, we dive into 12 targeted tactics for securing high-quality backlinks.

1. Mastering the Skyscraper Technique for Link Acquisition

Imagine a cityscape teeming with skyscrapers, each one striving to reach higher than the last. This is the essence of the Skyscraper Technique—a powerful method for earning quality backlinks. But how does one construct such towering content? The blueprint is simple:

  1. Identify top-performing content in your niche.
  2. Take it a notch higher by adding more value, depth, or unique insights.
  3. Create your version of the content (blog post, video, infographic), making it the best resource available.
  4. Reach out to the right people, such as influencers or website owners, to promote your content and get backlinks.

Identifying Top-Performing Content

The first step in your skyscraper construction?

Identifying the tallest existing buildings, or in SEO terms, top-performing content. Here’s a sobering fact: a vast majority of online content gets zero backlinks. So your mission will be to find the minority that does.

Thankfully, SEO tools like SEO SpyGlass, Ahrefs, Semrush, and MonitorBacklinks offer backlink-checking features to assess the link profile of web content.

This helps you find pages with the most backlinks and monitor them based on metrics like Trust Flow or Citation Flow to identify high-quality linking opportunities.

Armed with this info, you can aim to get backlinks and build your skyscraper even higher!

Improving Upon the Best

Now that you’ve identified the top-performing content, it’s time to go sky-high.

Your goal? To create a masterpiece that’s 5-10x better than the original.

But how does one supersize content?

It’s all about value addition. Create content that is infused with elements that evoke emotions such as awe, anxiety, and anger. These emotions can foster virality and backlink acquisition.

Another strategy is to provide options in your content proposal, allowing site owners to choose the replacement that best fits their needs. This versatility adds value to your skyscraper content!

Outreach for Maximum Impact

You’ve built your skyscraper—now it’s time to showcase it to the world.


Through targeted outreach.

Free tools like LinkAssistant and BuzzStream can help you find the contact information of site owners and manage the outreach process efficiently.

But remember this golden rule: personalise your outreach emails. Address the site owner by name, articulate why your content is superior, and highlight how it may add value to their site.

If you’ve mentioned people in your post, reach out to them too—this increases the chance of getting linked.

And the result? Your skyscraper content gets the attention and backlinks it deserves!

2. Crafting Comprehensive Resource Pages

Imagine a page that acts as a one-stop shop for all information related to a specific topic or industry. That’s a resource page – a curated list of links that can be a goldmine for backlink opportunities.

Whether it’s long-form content or interactive content like quizzes, every directory your resource page is listed on provides a backlink that helps build your backlink profile.

Selecting a Niche-Specific Topic

With this link-building tactic, you need to choose a niche-specific topic that's relevant to your business and resonates with your target audience.

How do you identify such a topic?

Start by identifying your passions and areas of expertise. Then, use SEO tools like Semrush and Ahrefs to conduct keyword research and understand what your audience is searching for. This way, your target audience will find resource pages more easily.

In essence, the best niche-specific topics are a blend of:

  • Personal passion
  • Expertise
  • Market demand
  • A clear understanding of the audience’s needs

This combination allows you to create content that resonates with the audience and may help build high-quality backlinks to your website.

Organizing Content for User Experience

Now that you've found your topic you need to organize your content. It's one thing to find resource pages on a website and another to see what you're looking for quickly.

Make your resource page user-friendly, with a clear information architecture that makes the content logical and easy to find. From robust search and filtering options to progressive disclosure to prevent content overwhelm, ensure that users can navigate through manageable chunks of information.

Read through user feedback to help you refine your content organization to make it a treasure trove for users. And a link-building magnet

Regular user feedback is crucial to refine the content organization. Implementing these steps can make your resource page a treasure trove for users—and a magnet for building backlinks to your website.

Promoting Your Resource Page

You’ve built a comprehensive resources page and now, it’s time to promote it so it can generate backlinks. Target resource pages with high page authority for promotion.

This can result in acquiring more potent backlinks or ‘link juice’, enhancing your SEO performance.

Don’t forget to leverage the power of social media to generate buzz and backlinks by sharing your resource page on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

With the right promotional strategy, your resources page can become a backlink magnet!

3. Master the Art of Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a great way to gain a high-quality backlink

Broken link building is like a game of treasure hunt.

The treasure? To earn links.

The map? Pages within your niche with broken links.

The strategy? Finding these broken links and reaching out to webmasters with your resources as replacements.

It’s an easy and effective way to build a backlink profile for sites that prioritize their SEO efforts. Let’s explore the art of broken link building in detail!

Finding Broken Links

The first step in the treasure hunt is to find broken links. The ‘Check My Links’ Chrome extension can automate this process, quickly identifying these links on a web page.

Once you find these broken links, backlink-checking tools like Semrush will help you identify all domains currently linking to the broken link.

This identifies your potential outreach targets. By finding these dead links and identifying associated referring domains, you’re one step closer to your treasure—getting more links pointing to your own page.

Crafting the Perfect Pitch & Following Up

You’ve found the dead links.

The next step?

Crafting the perfect pitch for emailing to the site owner.

Remember, your email should be personalised, addressing the site owner by name and clearly articulating why your content is more valuable than the broken link. Keep the email concise and helpful, emphasising the fresh, comprehensive, and visually appealing aspects of your content.

With a compelling pitch, you can convince the site owner to replace an outdated link or a broken link with your valuable resource, earning you a shiny new backlink!

What if the website owner doesn't respond?

This is where follow-up comes in.

Here’s a tip: limit your follow-up attempts to one or two emails to avoid being perceived as spammy. Wait at least three to four working days after the initial outreach before sending the first follow-up email.

Be polite, reiterate your value proposition, and keep the tone friendly and helpful without explicitly asking for a link.

Follow-up communications can sometimes be more effective than the initial message, increasing your chances of securing that coveted backlink! So don't give up easily.

4. Guest Blogging Mastery

Guest posting is like throwing a party at a friend’s house.

You get to engage with a new audience and leave your mark—in this case, a backlink. It’s recognized as an effective SEO strategy for building white hat backlinks.

The key is to create valuable content for reputable niche sites and referring domains. From discovering guest blogging opportunities to creating compelling posts and establishing long-term relationships, let’s master the art of guest posting.

Discovering Guest Blogging Opportunities

Your first step is to find guest blogging opportunities.

A simple Google search using words like “write for us” or “guest post” along with niche keywords may help you locate websites open to guest posts.

You can also explore guest blogging directories like MyBlogGuest, Guestpost.com, and PostJoint to find websites interested in accepting guest articles.

Social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can also be treasure troves of opportunities. With these strategies, you’ll find the perfect party venue in no time!

Creating Compelling Guest Posts

The key is to understand the host blog’s audience and tailor your post to resonate with them. Share new perspectives, impart useful tips, or offer actionable advice to provide value.

Authenticity is crucial too. Create content that shares genuine experiences and maintains your voice to connect with the reader. Remember, a well-crafted guest post is like a great party—it leaves a lasting impression!

Establishing Long-Term Relationships

The party was a hit!

But don’t stop there.

Build lasting relationships with bloggers and editors by engaging them professionally and courteously and delivering high-quality content consistently. Share these posts on social, respond to comments on your guest posts timely, and consider hosting posts from your partners.

Ethical link exchanges open up avenues for networking, potential collaborations, and even other professional opportunities. These relationships may open new link-building opportunities.

5. Unleashing the Power of Original Research

Original research is like a magnet – it attracts audiences and backlinks.

The comprehensive and authentic nature of the offers new insights into topics and you're likely to see other sites linking to your web pages.

By leveraging original research, you can establish yourself as an industry leader, earning trust from reputable sites for backlinking.

Let’s explore how to conduct meaningful research, present data effectively, and conduct outreach for scholarly content.

Conducting Meaningful Research

The first step in building backlinks using original research lies in choosing a topic closely tied to your industry or business.

It should address current trends and pain points in your industry. You can achieve this by understanding your audience’s needs, studying current trends, and identifying unexplored areas in your field.

You can consider collaborating with academic institutions to enhance the perceived value and trustworthiness of the study.

With research in the bag, you now need to present the data in an easy-to-consume way. Consumable content is easily understood and shared.

Consider using engaging infographics or interactive visualization formats which can be shared and cited easily with just a link.

Outreach for Scholarly Content

Now comes the link-building outreach aspect of this strategy. Identify authority sites and personalize your outreach emails to exude a genuine interest in the recipient's work and the value your research provides

With your data ready and properly presented, it's time to promote it. Personalize your outreach emails to highlight your genuine interest in the recipient’s work and the value your research provides.

Consider publishing your research on platforms like ResearchGate or Google Scholar to enhance its visibility and credibility. This can lead to more backlinks to your web pages.

6. Utilizing Testimonials and Reviews

Leaving authentic reviews may help you build quality links

Link builders know that positive experiences with products or services can help create backlinks.

That’s right!

You can receive backlinks by providing genuine testimonials for products or services you use. Businesses often feature testimonials on their site.

If yours is featured, that’s a backlink for you! A breezy way to boost your backlink profile.

If you're ready to write some impactful testimonials, let's dive into how to select products or services for review, writing reviews and the ethical aspects to observe.

Selecting Products or Services & Writing Reviews

The product or service you choose should be relevant to your business and something that you use to lend authenticity to your reviews. It should offer solutions to problems that resonate with your target audience.

Also, assess the domain authority or search ranking of the company’s website where your review may be featured to gauge the potential quality of the backlink.

Think of your testimonial as a story

  • Begin by identifying a specific problem.
  • Depict how the product or service provided a solution.
  • Use authentic experiences and emotional language to connect with potential customers.

Consider creating unique testimonials, like a video demonstration, which may gain more attention and have greater chances of being shared by the product’s website. This act by the product's website may help drive referral traffic to your website.

Ethical Considerations

Ensure that your testimonials and reviews accurately reflect your true experience with the product or service. Avoid creating fake reviews or inflating the truth, as this can severely undermine trust and damage your credibility.

Remember, maintaining ethical practices is crucial for establishing lasting credibility and trust, which are fundamental for SEO success!

7. Engaging with Industry Roundups

Think of weekly roundups as a buffet of the best content pieces published within a week for a particular niche. They provide a platform for your content to be featured, leading to potential backlinks.

So how do you secure a spot in these roundups?

It’s all about identifying the right roundups, crafting valuable contributions, and networking with roundup hosts so they naturally link to your content pieces.

Identifying Roundup Opportunities

Use advanced search operators like “intitle:” and “inurl:” to filter results that include specific keywords within the roundup posts’ title or URL.

You'll want to ensure the roundups are current and likely to accept new contributions by applying the “Past Month” filter during your search.

With the right round-ups on hand, you can now focus on crafting your contribution. Start by providing a concise summary of your content in your outreach email. This ‘sells’ your contribution and demonstrates its relevance to the roundup topic.

Furthermore, offer to share the roundup on your social media platforms as an additional value proposition to the roundup host. Remember, a valuable contribution adds value to the roundup and resonates with the audience!

Networking with Roundup Hosts

Networking with the roundup hosts is essential for establishing partnerships that enable you to build solid links. 

Use SEO tools like Ahrefs’ Content Explorer to initiate a targeted outreach campaign, identifying influential bloggers and websites interested in your industry’s roundups.

8. Hosting or Sponsoring Events

Connecting with event attendees and other organizers may help you secure quality links

Hosting or sponsoring events is one of the best link-building strategies on the market and a potential win-win for all.

You get to engage with a new audience and get backlinks from event listing sites and media coverage. Sounds exciting, right?

Let’s delve into how to plan your event, promote it, and leverage event coverage for maximum backlink potential!

Planning Your Event & Promotion

Topic selection is critical as you want to speak on issues that spark both interest and curiosity among audiences. To plan your event, start by creating a detailed events page on your website with key information such as:

  • The event title
  • Topics covered
  • Venue
  • Schedule
  • Compelling reasons to attend

Implement event schema using Google’s structured data markup to enhance your event page’s visibility in search results.

Next, use a comprehensive event promotion strategy that includes:

  • Listing the event on third-party event sites
  • Leveraging social media platforms
  • Using paid social media promotions as the event date approaches to amplify reach and engagement.

Where you are partnering with another business to host or sponsor the event, check their online promotions for unlinked brand mentions and get them to add backlinks. Google Alerts, and social media monitoring tools are great for tracking unlinked brand mentions.

With the right promotion strategy, your event can attract a large audience and build backlinks from other websites.

Leveraging Event Coverage

Hosting or sponsoring events provides opportunities to gain editorial links from both local and national media outlets. These links can improve your website’s authority and backlink profile.

Following up with attendees after the event is done is where you can shine. You can share the event's key highlights and invite them to check out a specific web page for more information.

9. The Benefits of Infographic Creation

Infographics are a visually appealing way to communicate information and build quality backlinks.

Well-designed and logically organized infographics enhance their shareability and increase the chances of content creators naturally linking to the source aka you.

Here are some tips on designing share-worthy infographics, distributing them, and tracking and analysing their performance!

Designing & Distributing Share-Worthy Infographics

Effective infographic design uses an appealing colour scheme, easy-to-read typography, and relevant icons to match the conveyed information.

The infographic must have a logical flow of information, starting with an engaging headline and organized with subheadings to guide viewers through the content.

Promote your infographics on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can also submit your infographic to directories like Visual.ly and Infographics Archive to attract visibility and backlinks.

Better yet, generate the embed code and paste it underneath your infographic. Whenever audiences use the infographic, you'll earn a backlink and reach wide audiences.

You can, from time to time run a reverse image search to identify websites that are using your infographic without a proper citation. You can contact these sites and request backlinks.

Tracking and Analyzing Performance

Use backlink-checking tools like Ahrefs or Majestic to track how many backlinks your infographic earns over time. Assess the quality of these links via metrics like Domain Authority and Trust Flow.

You can also use Google Analytics to measure referral traffic from your infographic. Combining these insights can provide a comprehensive overview of the performance of your infographic in earning backlinks.

10. Tapping into Newsjacking for Timely Links

Newsjacking is like catching a wave. It’s all about timing.

By capitalizing on the popularity of a news story, you can amplify your marketing success and attract high-quality backlinks. It’s a powerful SEO strategy for boosting your online presence and search engine ranking.

Ready to catch the wave? Let’s explore how to monitor trending topics, create relevant content quickly, and promote it strategically!

Monitoring Trending Topics

The first step in newsjacking is to monitor trending topics.

Use media monitoring systems like Google Alerts and platforms like Exploding Topics to stay updated with the latest relevant industry-related topics.

You can also conduct keyword research using Semrush’s Keyword Magic tool and set up content alerts based on specific parameters.

Additionally, following a reputable source like Search Engine Journal can provide valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in SEO.

By staying on top of trending topics, you can position your content to capture search traffic during trending events and earn high-quality backlinks!

Creating Relevant Content Quickly & Promotion

Once you identify a trending topic, it's time to create relevant content—quickly!

Newsjacking requires immediate action, ideally as soon as the news breaks but before it becomes saturated in the media landscape.

Ensure your content is accurate by verifying primary sources and maintaining a consistent brand voice and values.

Once the blog post, video, or infographic is ready promote it through tailored campaigns to build traction and engage with the intended audience. This is key to successful newsjacking and gaining maximum exposure.

Utilize social media insights to determine the most opportune times to post your content for maximum visibility and engagement. With strategic promotion, your newsjacked content can reach a wide audience—and earn many backlinks!

11. Interlinking Within Your Own Content

Internal links are an easy way to get quality backlinks

Interlinking within your own content is like building a network of roads within your city.

It helps search engines understand the hierarchy and importance of your site’s content and improves site navigation for users.

How do you build these roads?

By understanding the best practices for internal linking, analyzing your link structure, and balancing internal and external links.

Ready to build your network? Let’s delve into the how-to’s!

Best Practices for Internal Linking

Create high-quality internal content to maximize linking opportunities but you'll want to avoid linking to your homepage and the contact page. These web pages already receive many links pointing toward them.

Think about how many internal links you can add to your content piece. 3 to 5 evenly spread-out links are ideal for a 1500-word blog post. Any more and your content might feel spammy.

Lastly, don't add links just for the sake of it. Place contextual links to ensure they help the site visitor on their present journey and deepen their interest in your branch.

Analyzing Your Link Structure

Using tools like Google Search Console, SEMRush, and Google Analytics, to identify potential improvements in your link structure.

These tools may help you understand how search engines value an internal link and allow you to visualize your website’s internal links. All of which may help guide your internal linking strategy.

Quick note: It's important to balance between internal links and incoming links from reputable and relevant sources. Both may help improve your website’s credibility.

12. Leveraging Social Media for Link Building

Think of social media as a bustling marketplace where you can connect with your audience, engage with influencers, and build backlinks.

By building a strong social presence, connecting with influencers, and measuring social media impact, you can leverage social media to build links.

Building a Strong Social Presence

The first step in leveraging social media for link-building is to build a strong social presence.

Identify your target audience and tailor your content to their needs. Use social media outlets for self-promotion, to make it easier for people to share your content and expose your brand to new audiences.

Go further and connect with social media influencers who resonate with your brand. They can become your brand ambassadors and help increase your content's reach and linking potential with high-quality sites.

Measuring Social Media Impact

SEO tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, or Moz, may help you track backlinks received from social media and measure their impact.

Google Alerts, and social media monitoring tools are great for tracking unlinked brand mentions that you can leverage to generate backlinks. However, you'll want to examine the sites mentioning you to ensure you're not attracting spammy backlinks.

You can also use social media analytics platforms to track and analyze your social media performance. Some popular social media analytics platforms include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite Analytics
  • Sprout Social
  • Buffer Analyze

A Bonus Link-Building Strategy

The best way to generate backlinks is to partner with an agency that builds links

Partnering with a link-building agency is an effective strategy for building links. These companies are professionals who listen to your needs and tailor strategies for high-quality links from high-quality sites.

Some key benefits of working with a reputable link builder include:

Benefiting From Their Experiences

The agencies specialize in acquiring high-quality backlinks and have extensive experience in implementing effective strategies.

They stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in building links, allowing them to provide valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your business's needs.

Access to Networks and Relationships

The SEO link-building companies often have established networks and relationships with publishers, bloggers, influencers, and webmasters across various industries and niches.

This access means they may not have to build links from scratch.

Rather, they identify and secure relevant and authoritative backlink opportunities that may not be readily available to businesses operating independently.

Access To Customized Strategies and Solutions

The agencies work closely with their clients to understand their business objectives, target audience, and industry landscape.

They develop customized link-building tactics tailored to your unique needs and goals. This ensures alignment with your company's overall digital marketing strategy and objectives.

Quality Assurance

Reputable link-building companies prioritize quality over quantity when acquiring backlinks.

They focus on securing links from authoritative and relevant websites with high domain authority.

This ensures that each backlink contributes positively to the client's SEO efforts and online reputation.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

The agencies provide regular performance tracking and reporting to monitor the progress and impact of their campaigns.

They track key metrics such as the number of acquired backlinks, the quality of linking domains, keyword rankings, and organic traffic. This provides clients with actionable insights and transparency into campaign performance.

Avoid Black Hat Link Building

Black hat link building refers to the use of unethical or manipulative tactics to acquire backlinks with the primary goal of improving search engine rankings quickly and artificially.

These tactics violate search engine guidelines and aim to exploit weaknesses in search algorithms rather than providing value to users.

While black hat link building may offer short-term gains in search visibility, it poses significant dangers and risks for websites in the long term.

Some of the dangers of black hat link building include:


Google regularly update their algorithms to detect and penalize websites engaging in black hat tactics.

Penalties can range from lower search rankings to complete removal from search results, resulting in significant loss of traffic and revenue.

Damage to Reputation

Websites associated with black hat link-building tactics risk damaging their reputation and credibility with users and potential customers.

Trust is essential in building a successful online presence, and unethical practices can tarnish your brand's image.

Long-Term SEO Damage

While black hat tactics may offer short-term gains in search rankings, the long-term consequences can be severe. Once penalized by search engines, it can be challenging to recover rankings and regain trust


In the quest for quality backlinks in 2024, we’ve explored 12 proven strategies.

From mastering the Skyscraper Technique and crafting comprehensive resource pages to leveraging social media and hosting events, these strategies offer a roadmap to scoring high-quality backlinks.

Perhaps an even better strategy may lie in outsourcing your link-building needs to a professional such as ourselves.

SalesHive is a reputable lead-generation and link-building company committed to providing superior link-building services to our clients. Our state-of-the-art AI platform helps us harness the right keyword combinations to ensure every link we build is designed to attract the right audience.

Talk to us today, and let's build your links together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we discuss the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients: 

How Do I Get Quality Backlinks Fast?

To get quality backlinks fast, consider building relationships through social media and industry participation. This will help establish you as an expert and make others more likely to link to your website. Good luck!

How Do I Know If My Backlink Is Quality?

To ensure your backlink is of good quality, you can check its relevance, authority, traffic, trustworthiness, anchor text, and context. These factors are key in determining the quality of a backlink.

What Is the Difference Between High-Quality and Low-Quality Backlinks?

High-quality backlinks come from authoritative sources and bring valuable traffic to your website, while low-quality backlinks are often irrelevant and obtained through manipulative tactics. The latter may harm your website's SEO. Focus on building high-quality backlinks to boost your website's credibility and traffic.

Which Backlink Is Most Powerful?

The most powerful backlink is a dofollow backlink. It contributes to the domain authority of a website and increases its search engine rankings. Try to prioritise getting these for your website!

What Is the Skyscraper Technique for Link Acquisition?

The Skyscraper Technique involves improving popular content and building backlinks through targeted outreach, making it a powerful strategy for link acquisition. Try using this technique to boost your website's visibility and authority.


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