Link Building Pricing - How Much Does Link Building Cost? 

Factors that determine link building pricing

If you’re investigating link-building pricing, you’re likely pondering one crucial question – ‘How much will it actually cost to enhance my website’s SEO through link-building?’

Costs can significantly vary, starting from as low as $100 to upwards of $1,500 per link. The prices are dictated by the quality of links, niche competitiveness, and whether you work with link-building agencies or an in-house link-building team.

This article breaks down these costs, helping you understand how each factor affects your investment. It will also offer guidance on the decision-making process to ensure a cost-effective strategy.

Breaking Down Link Building Pricing

Breaking down link building prices

How much is link building? Let's dissect the factors that make up the link building pricing

Quality of Links

A quick glance at a price tag may tempt you to consider buying links of lower quality, but remember, not all not all links are created equal.

Cheap links that try to manipulate search results are considered a link scheme and may land you in trouble with Google.

High-quality links from authoritative websites are more valuable and, therefore, more costly than low-quality links.

While allocating resources to secure high-authority backlinks can push up the link-building cost, they can also prove beneficial in the long run.

Allocating resources to secure high-authority backlinks can push up the link-building costs but can prove beneficial in the long run.

Quantity of Links - How Many Backlinks Should You Use?

More links aren’t always better when you're trying to build links. One superior quality link (albeit expensive) is worth 20 or 30 lower quality links.

Some people may consider cheap link-building tactics such as link farms to flood their sites with backlinks. But this strategy may end up affecting their websites negatively.

By negatively, we mean triggering spam filters, lower rankings, and incurring penalties from search engines especially if they use black hat tactics.

So how many links are enough?

Three to five external links are sufficient per a 1000-word content piece. Search engine guidelines recommend under 100 backlinks for websites interested in quality link building.

Stuffing your website with too many links may:

  • Make it harder for search engines to differentiate between important (useful) and unimportant content
  • Lead to a significant decrease in user engagement
  • Clutter the page making it tougher for audiences to find what they are looking for
  • Slow down load time making it user-unfriendly

If you're sticking to the threshold, it's worth noting that acquiring links of high quality from other websites will cost more.

This is where bulk purchases of niche edits, (often discounted), can reduce the cost per link, making it a cost-effective strategy for acquiring a large volume of links.

Niche-Specific Pricing

How much does link building cost for niche strategies

Niche specific link building prices are based on the cost of acquiring high-quality backlinks based on the specific industry or niche of the target website.

Certain industries or niches may require specialized knowledge, content, or strategies to effectively acquire backlinks. Other industries or niches are more competitive than others, making it more challenging to secure link placements and high-quality backlinks.

As a result link builders may have to create custom link-building campaigns to tackle the value and difficulty of obtaining backlinks. This inevitably may hike the cost of the link-building package.

Agency vs. In-House Team

The decision between building an in-house link building team or hiring specialist link building agencies can be a financial tug-of-war.

Here are some considerations to help you make the decision:

  • Budget: Using professional link builders involves paying for their services, which can range from fixed-price packages to hourly rates or performance-based fees. In contrast, a link building assistant in your company will require a salary, benefits, training, and tools. You may also need to hire a link-building manager to oversee the operations
  • Expertise and Experience: Link-building vendors specialize in acquiring backlinks and often have expertise, experience, and industry connections that can be difficult to replicate internally. They may have access to tools, techniques, and best practices that can lead to a more effective link-building strategy.
  • Scalability: If you have fluctuating link building needs or anticipate scaling your efforts in the future, using an agency can provide flexibility and scalability. A link building agency can quickly ramp up or down their efforts based on your needs, whereas building an in-house dept may require more time and resources to scale.
  • Resource Allocation: Consider how link-building strategies fit into your overall marketing strategy and resource allocation. If building links is a core focus of your marketing efforts and requires ongoing attention, building an in-house dept may be beneficial. If building links is an aspect of your marketing strategy but you prefer focusing on other areas, hiring a link building agency may be efficient.

Types of Link Building Services and Their Pricing

Different link building services vendors charge different link building prices

Link building prices are as diverse as the services offered.

In this section, we'll cover various services offered and how their pricing structures affect your budget.

Guest Posting

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is a content marketing strategy where site owners create link-worthy content for websites or blogs owned by others.

The purpose of a guest post is to reach a new audience, increase brand visibility, and acquire links to the author's website. The referral traffic coming your way may help boost your sales and marketing goals.

How much is link-building under this tactic? In most cases, the services operate on a price per link basis. Factors such as the domain authority of the host site, content creation and editing fees contribute to the cost.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is another effective link-building tactic. The cost of blogger outreach is determined by domain metrics such as Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), and the website’s organic traffic.

To build links with the bloggers, influencers, and website owners in your niche, you may have to purchase them. Understandably so, since you'll benefit from the backlinks. Where the blogger asks for payment for link placement, it's worth comparing with other website owners to determine if it's worth paying for.

Purchasing links requires caution. You'll want to watch out for link farms and scammers who only exist to build their own revenues by linking to other sites. One of the ways to deal with this is by checking link quality and other legitimate customers they have served.

Niche Edits

A niche edit link involves inserting or modifying backlinks within existing content on websites. It presents a unique pricing model with prices typically starting at $29 per link. The cost of paid links may increase significantly for more competitive niches.

PR Agency Links

PR agency links can provide a considerable boost to your brand’s visibility. However, this service comes with a price tag with site link costs ranging from $2,000 to $50,000 per month. High-authority publications often charge premium fees for article placements and brand mentions.

Although PR agency links aim for exposure instead of SEO authority, they can notably enhance your brand’s visibility.

Evaluating Link Building ROI

Evaluate paid paid link building to ensure you’re getting value for your money

Comprehending the return on investment (ROI) from your link-building endeavours is vital for justifying the cost.

The ROI of link building is influenced by factors such as the source of links, management of the campaign, and relevance of the links to the target site.

Is the cost of link-building worth your while? Here are the metrics to check:

Organic Traffic Growth

A successful link-building campaign usually leads to an increase in organic traffic. Specific traffic growth targets can be achieved through effective link-building campaigns, including an outsourced link-building campaign.

In addition to encouraging your team to create high-quality content (including guest posts) that attract your ideal audience.

Add Google Analytics to your SEO strategy to evaluate the progress of your link-building efforts. You'll want to monitor keyword rankings, organic search visibility, and landing page performance.

Domain Authority Improvement

Acquiring high quality backlinks enhances domain authority, a predictor of how well a website may rank on search engine result pages.

An increase in authority generally correlates with higher search engine rankings and greater visibility, resulting in more organic traffic to the website.

Conversion Rates

A tailored link building program can increase conversion rates by:

  • Delivering valuable content that resonates with the target audience
  • Improving landing page traffic
  • Reducing bounce rates
  • Increasing brand engagement

Common Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

How to avoid link building pricing mistakes

Taking the right path in this journey can determine your success in the SEO maze. To ensure your journey is smooth, let’s identify some common link building mistakes you should avoid.

Focusing Solely on Quantity

While building a significant number of good links always seems like a good idea. However, focusing on quantity over quality can lead to the accumulation of low-quality or toxic backlinks that negatively impact rankings.

Give precedence to quality over quantity on enhance your site's authority and steer clear of detrimental effects on rankings.

Ignoring Niche Relevance

Obtaining backlinks from websites outside of your niche can potentially damage your website’s search engine ranking, underscoring the importance of focusing on niche-specific backlinks. Zero in on relevant websites.

Overlooking Content Quality

The saying “Content is King” holds true in the realm of link building. Content that considers search engine optimization tactics significantly contributes to a website’s authority and visibility.

Neglecting the quality of content can lead to fewer natural links and diminish the overall value of the links acquired.


In this intricate world of SEO and link building, understanding the pricing factors, evaluating ROI, and avoiding common mistakes are all crucial steps towards success. To make the work easier, we recommend partnering with a link building agency such as ourselves.

At SalesHive, we harness the power of our state-of-the-art AI platform to assemble a customised approach to our clients' needs. Every keyword and keyword combination is carefully assessed to ensure it can enhance your site's visibility and ranking. Our link building package prices are transparent and straightforward so you know exactly what you're getting for your money.

Talk to us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we will discuss the most frequent questions we get about link-building. 

How Much Should I Pay for a Link?

You should expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 for a link, with high-authority sites possibly charging more, based on factors like website quality and relevance. It's important to consider potential traffic and niche alignment when determining link value.

What Is the Average Price per Backlink?

The average price per backlink can range from $300 to $500 per month, and it can vary based on factors such as domain authority and specific link characteristics.

How Much Should I Charge for Link Building?

You should charge for link building based on market averages, which typically range from $50 to $200 for the low end, $200 to $600 for the medium end, and $600 to $2,000 for the high end. These ranges reflect the common pricing in the industry.

What Is the Importance of Niche Relevance in Link Building?

Focusing on niche relevance in link building is crucial as it ensures that the backlinks obtained are valuable to your target audience and can improve your search engine ranking.

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