The Advantages of B2B Prospecting Services

Internal B2B prospecting teams bring a laundry list of headaches. Get some relief by learning about the Advantages of outsourcing B2B Sales Prospecting Services.

Successful Prospecting in Sales

When it comes to revenue generation, B2B sales prospecting services can SHOW YOU THE MONEY.

Engaging with potential buyers is the driving force behind growing your business. The issue is that internal B2B prospecting teams bring a laundry list of headaches, risks, and costs. But there's good news - There's a way to reap the benefits of sales prospecting while cutting down on the stressors and issues that typically are associated with it. How? By investing in sales prospecting services.

The Problems With Building An In-House B2B Sales Prospecting Team

Alright, so let's take a good hard look at this. The True Cost of an SDR, is the fact that hiring a new sales prospecting rep brings with it hiring costs, base compensation, additional commissions, benefits, and travel. The average length of time to train your team? 3-6 months.

Now, this all starts to add up - and pretty fast, in reality. It has been estimated that the average cost of hiring a new sales prospecting rep is $100k.  The truth is, it takes a long time for that sales rep to reach a point where they repay the company's initial investment, and it takes even longer for the company to break even on that investment.

The Challenge With B2B Prospecting Tools

But beyond the individual, let's talk logistics. To run an effective sales prospecting operation, you're going to need a data platform to collect, integrate, and manage all those big sets of data to build your Total Addressable Market. And the cost of that data platform license doesn't come cheap - Typical annual contracts for good data providers can range from $20K - $50K per year. Yikes.

And don't forget about the email cadence platforms. That's going to run you up to $10K a year to keep humming along, and you're going to need to stay on top of list scrubbing and email validation to ensure that your team's efforts are ensured to have the highest probability of success.

Months of ramp-up time, complex logistics, and prohibitively high costs

Everyone developing and working on building out their internal sales team essentially runs into the same problem at this point - It takes a lot of bandwidth and expertise to corral and manage a sales team, and most of the time you end up trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with a new, slick, more efficient and more effective system. The trouble is, it never quite works out that way and you’re left frazzled and burnt out.

So at this point, you're looking at about 6 months worth of time and close to $150K in investments just to build your in-house sales team and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need before they even reach out to the first prospect.

The Advantages Of Using B2B Sales Prospecting Services

We had to go a little Ghost-Of-Christmas-Future on you to prove a point - This doesn't have to be your destiny.

What we at SalesHive offer is a full-service B2B sales prospecting service that is built to save you time, money, and stress, all while delivering better and more consistent results.

Best Practices In B2B Prospecting

How do we do that? Easy.

First of all, we have a qualified and knowledgeable team of reps that already has a plethora of expertise and experience in the field, and all of that comes included in one cost. So say goodbye to the high investments into individual sales reps, and also say goodbye to the tedious micromanagement of your team. We handle all the heavy lifting, including delivering the most accurate and professional account based reporting that is truly second to none.

Simply put, this is what we do every day. 

We currently run campaigns for more than 20 tech companies, we have economies of scale as well as access to all major data platforms, and our finger is on the pulse of sales prospecting innovations.

B2B Prospecting Methods For Success

Our job is to research leads, manage their objections, and schedule meetings for you. We see what's working and what isn't, we monitor trends, and we leverage channels and our large databases all in real-time. When we find a new angle, channel, or approach that works for one of our clients, we can quickly and efficiently implement that new piece of knowledge into the systems we have in place for our other clients.

Instead of that hefty $150K+ annual price tag, SalesHive can increase your sales pipeline for a quarter of the price at $3K per month. Kind of a no-brainer at this point.

Next Steps

We can streamline your B2B sales prospecting and bring in consistent and valuable results at a low-cost/low-risk investment. It's time to revamp your pipeline, and SalesHive is here to help.

Contact us today for a FREE Consultation, and learn how our B2B Prospecting Services can scale your sales!

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