When is it Time to Hire an Outsource Sales Team?

Take your business to the next level! If you’re aiming to grow, become more efficient by hiring an outsource sales team.

A sales leader or organization can choose many tools to gain more leads, drive revenue, push cost savings, or increase sales team structures. One fool-proof and effective recourse is getting some help: letting outsourced sales professionals handle some of your tasks. 

While it's a fact that outsourcing your sales to a third-party provider has many advantages, it's not as simple as that. It undergoes a rigorous process; there is a high chance that it may not happen smoothly without preparing and defining both parties' expectations.

Many outsourcing companies claim to yield favorable results. How do you know one who can actually achieve a sales quota and give you satisfaction?

In this guide, we will talk about the definition of sales outsourcing, when is the best time to go for an outsourced sales team, reasons for outsourcing, when not to outsource, and the benefits of doing it.

What Exactly Is an Outsource Sales Team?

Sales outsourcing is a term used when a business assigns parts of the sales process or organization to individuals or agencies outside your business or company of any industry. It's an ideal option if your internal team lacks the time, resources, or expertise to do all of their in-house sales processes. Moreover, it can help enhance adaptability and enable sales teams to concentrate on more crucial tasks or sales tactics. Different outsourced sales services available can be helpful if done right.

When Is the Best Time to Outsource Sales Teams?

Listen, we know it's quite overwhelming, but take a big picture of your overall sales process. Take time to assess carefully which part must be kept in-house and which parts can be performed as a service by an outside provider.

Remember: don't outsource parts of your sales if your sales team is not 110% committed. This will only result in further problems instead of solutions to your processes. Situations like not following up with calls after emails or lack of a technical workshop after a demo will hurt your business. Your business reputation is crucial; you don’t want it to be tainted with a bad impression.

Common Reasons for Outsourcing Parts of Your Sales Process

  • You are making drastic changes in your sales model (introducing SDR (Sales Development Rep) and AE (Account Executive) split, account-based selling, etc.)
  • You are introducing a new product or service requiring different sales skills.
  • You are accessing new markets (geographically or target segment).
  • You are challenging your own sales team.
  • You are raising your total sales number.

When NOT to Outsource Sales Teams

There are many instances where companies with attractive products and sparkling sales materials unmatching a product/market fit. Believe us when we say we've seen them already. Even though they've tried different approaches to their sales, they end up with prospects saying, “Your product is really nice, but your product doesn’t help with our current problems. Let me get back to you in X months.” We are pretty sure you’ve heard that, too.

The sad thing is, there's not much you can do about it, and this situation requires an entirely new direction. 

Here's our pro tip: go with outsourcing a sales function only if you think that the partner understands the outsourced process(es) better than you do! Ensure that you get a clear reporting from them and what their KPI structure looks like.

With an Outsourced Sales Team, What Are the Benefits?

Seeking outsourced sales services for your company’s sales works seems to be quite a fresh approach in various trades, but there's more to it than just a trend. With many businesses and companies opting to outsource their sales team as a solution game-changer to save precious resources such as money and time, it’s a modern and brilliant solution. 

Outsource Sales Teams to Fit Your Business

Generally speaking, sales outsourcing companies or agencies surpass your own team with:

  • Established and proven experience in specific sales functions they offer.
  • Most updated processes.
  • Most effective reporting and analysis.
  • Skills that match in a scalable business model (a business that sees increasing returns as it invests more in capital, labor, and services).

Thus, outsourcing sales teams can significantly match your business needs.

Best Sales Training & Foundation

The primary sales decision-makers forget, even though it's simple. You have your confidence in these outsourced sales teams; the companies who manage them actually do this all day, every day! Furthermore, they have extensive sales training, set-up, and ramp up sales teams, which means there's a low chance of spending time and money on outsourcing without favorable results.

Time Savings & Speed to Market

Once you outsource your sales team, that company already has resources ready for them to get started. You save time because they are hired and trained faster, meaning getting sales is also faster.

Various Sales & Marketing Expertise

Outsourced sales teams train their people with diverse sales experience levels to sell various products and services. Hence, different backgrounds and perspectives can bring more ideas and sales tones to your new outsourced sales team.

Dedicated Appointment Setting

By outsourcing appointment setting, you are clearing up some much-needed time for your sales team to focus on their respective essential job supply and them with qualified leads to be more efficient and transform more prospects.

Dedicated Sales Reps

You get to have the very best sales representatives for a specific product or service, which means higher sales volume for you when you hire them to manage your sales flow.

Less Risk & Lower Cost

It's a fact that your sales funnel will leak during your process. Not knowing how to analyze particular issues or figure out the cause of losing leads at any stage can affect your revenue. Without direct aid, this can cost you a lot. This is where outsourcing sales comes in. They can provide a safety net of responsibility to detect and diagnose any funnel problems and eventually close sales.

A New Way for Growth 

Outsourcing sales is an excellent growth strategy when you don't have enough space, capital, or long-term need to hire an entire in-house sales team. It's also a good way to increase your sales stream.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're growing your existing in-house sales team, outsourcing a part of your sales team, or outsourcing your entire sales process, don't forget the do's and the don'ts above and ensure to get the most of your partnership.

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