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Your Emails Are Going to Spam

As sales reps, it’s impossible to deny the value in cold email. Nearly every B2B sales organization use cold email to prospect for opportunities, set meetings and hit quota. With the steep decline in cold-call answer rates and the introduction of “Scam Likely” filtering of unrecognized phone calls on cell phones, writing quality cold email […]

How An Email Copy A/B Test Resulted In 300% More Meetings Per Month

At the end of Q2, I was working with a client that was struggling to get traction. This client was selling a very niche product into a notoriously difficult space to reach through email (IT). Although they had a wide total addressable market, the copy wasn’t producing nearly enough meetings. By reworking some of the […]

Using Data To Evaluate Cold Email Response Rate

Forward:  If you’re the kind of person that skips ahead in books to see what happens to the main character, I made a nice summary at the end of each section and at the end. Let’s face it, writing effective cold emails in 2018 is tough. With the implementation of GDPR, increasingly stringent spam filters […]

Crafting the Perfect Email Cadence

Introducing Email CadenceEmail cadences are defined by three things: text-based, email scheduling/automation, and reply detection. In combination, these give you a distinct advantage in making those connections and increasing your success rates.Alright, let's talk reply detection. Typically, if you batch and blast 200 emails in a campaign, you hit Send and then sit back and wait […]

The Advantages of B2B Prospecting Services

Successful Prospecting in SalesWhen it comes to revenue generation, B2B sales prospecting services can SHOW YOU THE MONEY.Engaging with potential buyers is the driving force behind growing your business. The issue is that internal B2B prospecting teams bring a laundry list of headaches, risks, and costs. But there's good news - There's a way to […]

How Email Validation Improves Email Marketing Results

The BasicsLet's start at the beginning - To truly understand how to manage a successful email marketing campaign, you have to understand the fundamentals of the game. Today we're going to go over the key pieces of information that every good marketer needs to know about email marketing.Email DeliverabilityDeliverability is the overall measure of the […]

The Advantages of Using Account Based Sales

For enterprise sales teams, our recommendation is for leads to only be used for inbound signups and accounts/contacts to be used for all other outreach purposes. The main concept is that account based sales reps sell into companies and not individual people.When switching to or building out an account-based Salesforce, it is our recommendation to […]

Remove All Toll-Free Numbers From Your Sales Emails

We’ve Identified A New Google Spam Trigger!Google’s spam servers are very mysterious. As a sales prospecting service, SalesHive sends thousands of sales emails per day, we tend to run into new spam triggers from time-to-time.After hours of troubleshooting, we’ve successfully identified that having a toll-free number in your email or email signature greatly increases your chances […]

How to Write a Great Cold Email Subject Line | The Art of Cold Emailing

How To Write A Great Cold Email Subject LineWriting a cold email subject line for your email is like creating the title of your book; It’s better to write it after you know what your story (or in this case, email copy) is going to include.Your subject line is a key aspect of getting someone […]

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