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The Benefits of a B2B Lead Generation Agency

While word of mouth and referrals can do an excellent job for businesses, they alone are not enough. You have to develop a customer base, whether it's paid or organic. Unfortunately, not every business owner knows how to do it or even where to get paid leads. 

Why Get a B2B Lead Generation Agency?

Now, here's the answer to your problem: a quality B2B lead generation agency is a guaranteed and reliable way to grow your business. How? Their goal is to find the leads with potential, called warm leads, while implementing processes to grow your business, and strategies to engage them. 

But First: What's B2B Lead Generation Agency?

But you may ask, what is B2B Lead Generation? Well, if it's your first time hearing the word, B2B means business-to-business, where services or products are being offered between two businesses. B2B lead generation companies or agencies offer this kind of B2B service where marketers aim to accomplish a particular goal; they target a specific audience, offer them an opportunity, and make them want to take it. 

Once the potential target is tapped and engaged, you get to enjoy the sweet success of having a new, qualified, interested, potential client as a “lead”. 

These qualified leads are given to the sales department, and with the help of their magic, the leads become a client. Suppose you think your marketing channels are doing the work. In that case, you may ask yourself, "Why do I still need a lead generation company, business, or agency when I have everything working well, and I'm already nailing the process?"

Half of B2B lead generation agencies and companies are generating high-quality leads that are ready for the sales department. What's more, 72% of companies think of lead gen as one of their top priorities in boosting their business.

An ideal B2B lead generation agency or company is dedicated to producing a world-class lead generation solution to B2B organizations, making them realize the untapped potential of their possibilities.

Why You Need to Get a B2B Lead Generation Agency

Here are the reasons why a lead generation solution offers many benefits for your marketing and sales:

Catching and engaging only qualified potential leads  

As they say, cold calling is dead, but that's not always the case. Yes, most people don’t like receiving them. Even those who are making calls don’t want to receive such unwanted calls. So, don't do it. But here's what you can do instead: do a warm call. 

A warm call is the opposite of a cold call. In other words, the call is performed using information that's “warmed up” your company to the lead after they’ve already visited your website. 

Survey says that 70% of website visitors are looking for a solution, while 30% are just browsing. Regardless of why they go to your website, it's a green flag to ask them and help them if they need something. It's like looking for that perfect shoe in a shoe store, and the saleslady's intuition is to ask if they need help politely. 

B2B lead generation services inform you whenever a business visits your website by running it through the most extensive IP database in the world - matching it to their business details, business name, address, phone number, as well as their names and email addresses for core decision-makers. 

They can tell you how they found your company online and all the pages they visited on your website.

Beneficial for other marketing channels

When it comes to marketing in these modern times, your website is still the primary source of your marketing efforts. It's as much about driving organic traffic as it is about getting high-quality leads. This may happen via a PPC campaign, sending an email, creative content marketing, or sharing posts on Facebook. 

Your website is the central activity hub of every marketing strategy you have. Imagine food delivery apps and browsing for a seemingly nice restaurant; you want an attractive photo, right? It's the front cover of a glossy magazine, getting people's attention to grab it and have a good read.

B2B lead generation agencies can track every visit they have and let you know the source. They can also tell which marketing campaign they are engaging with.

Gives a nurturing program for a strong warm lead 

Nurtured leads spend more time with your company than non-nurtured leads. This is the main reason for B2B companies to do warm lead programs - sending consistent and relevant valuable content for their target customers through a mixture of emails and lead scoring to gain queries. Giving them valuable and insightful content means you're earning credibility, and you’re giving them the impression that you're an expert in your field.

In fact, an average buyer reads about 3-5 kinds of content before inquiring, so focus on that journey of warming up. Once you see them often visit, send them a message and offer if they need your assistance!

Gathering needed data on time 

There's this dilemma when it comes to data for B2B marketing and sales. It's hard to take immediate action when there's a potential lead, especially when we want to give a call or send an email. 

However, the action is prevented if the data needed is missing. Here's why B2B lead generation offers an instant solution to this problem: they have software that can identify leads and provide you with accurate information.

B2B Lead Generation management through a pipeline 

While it's great to get quality leads, keeping them and nurturing them after the first call is still one thing you have to do. B2B companies combine their marketing and sales departments; then leads are passed to sales and ensure the smooth sailing of this journey. 

They offer complete transparency between departments and can assign leads to salespeople, who perform the whole process and track the lead through the sales pipeline until their "lead" status becomes “client.”

Good investment; great ROI 

Businesses want great ROI in their journey. Besides, isn't it the main goal, after all? An effective B2B lead generation agency or company has clients with great ROIs.

Hire a full-service B2B lead generation agency now to ensure getting high-quality leads and turning them into clients.

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