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Branding Announcement

What would 2020 be without a trademark troll sending cease-and-desist orders, forcing an unexpected full rebrand? At least this year's unusual milestones have remained consistent.

Despite the stressful timing and our hand of cards being dealt for us, we took this hiccup in stride, using it as an opportunity to align our company brand with our new company goal of employing 1,000 SDRs by the end of 2025.

We wanted a modernized brand that fully represents our incredible technology platform (the hive) and exemplifies the talent of our revolutionary team of sales development experts (the bees).

So that’s exactly what we did!

Introducing SalesHive, the remote lead generation team and platform for lean, high-growth startups looking to scale their business.

Pipestry, SalesReply & SalesHive

A little bit of contextual history.

Pipestry, our maiden brand, was founded in 2016 because we were able to see first hand how frustrating, and frankly terrifying, it was to leave the success of sales development in the hands of a single, fresh-out-of-college SDR that didn’t fully understand the business.

Our Founders, Brendan Burnett and Phil Benavides, experienced just how many “lead gen” companies were operating behind smoke and mirrors, making large claims while under-delivering on results, and lacked transparency of how they were actually representing the companies that hired them. They saw that “outsourced lead generation” was broken, and the cost of keeping operations in-house wasn’t fairing much better.

Exacerbating an already tightly strung market, it became clear to many companies that hiring an in-house SDR is too expensive, running more than $100k a year/rep between salary, commissions, benefits, and management costs. On top of the cost of human capital, buying overpriced data in small quantities and purchasing the tools needed for that rep to succeed wasn’t cost-effective.

Unfortunately, even if the budget allows for in-house reps, 83% of SDR teams industry-wide continually fail to meet quotas. Data also illuminated the fact that there is a high probability that SDR’s frequently get frustrated and separate from companies after months have already been invested in training and development.

Pipestry shifted to SalesReply in 2019, as we capitalized on the continued industry-squall, hoping the new name, coupled with our ever-revolving innovation, would further resonate better with clients.

It worked!

We successfully filled the dire needs in the lead generation market, building a scalable and repeatable sales development program, from strategy to talent and implementation, all the while minimizing risk to our clients.

SalesReply ended up signing a record number of clients and establishing never before seen landmarks of growth for an outsourced lead generation company.

Which all now leads to today, and the emergence of SalesHive.

Riding the massive successes of the SalesReply brand, one of the main focuses that we have been developing here at SalesHive over the last year is our cold calling operations.

Cold calling is more effective than ever before as email and LinkedIn are becoming more-and-more noisy as sales channels.

What makes our newest brand iteration, SalesHive, so extraordinary, is most sales development teams don't offer cold callers, let alone highly-trained callers that call 40 hrs per week that are based here in the US. Most high-caliber sales development reps will perform 5-10 hours of cold calling a week. That’s it.

Cold calling is a huge opportunity to grow a company's outreach, as we’ve seen first hand, and has been one of our most successful channels of development and performance.

Cold calling isn't dead, and we’re proving it week after week.

business development introducing SalesHive - SalesHive

The Hive

Being too “cheesy” can kill a brand’s professional reputation, yet having some anthropomorphized characterization is just as equally important to instill familiarity and comfort with our clientele. A fine line to walk.

With SalesHive, we believe we’ve walked that line well.

The beehive is a complicated and intricate creation, yet absolutely orderly and systematic in its structure and processes. It maintains an army of bee workers to keep things running smoothly, each with their own personal and integral role to maintaining continued hive success.

Our Lead Generation company isn’t too dissimilar to the beehive in both of these elements; a structured yet intricate organization that relies on the complex and tireless efforts of numerous industry experts.

We felt aligning ourselves with the tireless bee and the complex hive was an apt representation for our new brand.

The Colors

Despite our former iteration, SalesReply, using several colors in its scheme (green, red, blue & yellow) our CEO Brendan always felt drawn toward the color combinations of orange with the monochromatic values of black and white.

Orange is an invigorating, playful color, the love child of red (warmth) and yellow (joy). Black is slick, modern and luxurious, while white is youthful and economical.

As a company that truly enjoys what it does and doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet continually modernizes the industry and remains peerlessly affordable, orange with black and white is a truly emblematic color scheme for SalesHive.

The Future

At SalesHive, despite our new and cleaner presentation, we remain the same company with the same mission, to make scaling outbound lead generation easy and affordable.

Our proven strategies and AI-driven outreach platform are more successful than ever before, and a revolving and adaptive system of innovation has allowed us to stay ahead of our competitors.

Our unique testing platform is pushing the boundaries of optimization and continually yielding better results, as each quarter welcomes new meeting records and milestones.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been collaborating with us since we were the fresh startup SalesHive, since we shifted to SalesReply, or even if you’re for the first time now getting familiar with our services as SalesHive.

We are happy to officially welcome you to the future of Lead Generation.

Welcome to the hive… to SalesHive!

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