How to Win Two First Class Tickets to the Email SpamBox

Writing copy for sales emails is no longer just about engaging with a prospect, it's about avoiding the SpamBox.

SPAMBOX - Every SDR’s worst nightmare. Have you ever found yourself saying things like:

“I spent hours working on crafting the perfect message and the email didn’t even get opened!”

Writing copy for sales emails is no-longer ONLY about engaging with a prospect, adding value and asking for a meeting. Half of the battle has become getting your cold outreach into the inbox.

It's Complicated...

The ever-growing complexity of email deliverability is one of the most important and also one of the most overlooked aspects of email sales development. With the right deliverability strategy, you can put yourself ahead of a many of SDR’s who are playing the plug and play email game, but it takes conscious effort.

Sure, there are some technical aspects to deliverability that need to be taken into consideration. For example: limiting sending, controlling your list to make sure your targets are actually going to be interested in your message, writing a stellar subject line etc. All of that, however, can go completely to waste by simply including “bad” words in your email.

Check For SpamBox Keywords

It’s not surprising that terms like “Cashcashcash”, “Fast Viagra delivery”, and “Multi­level Marketing” are getting that first class ticket to the spambox, but what about more common words like “presently”, “free”,  “get”, “benefit” or “solution”?

To make email-driven sales development campaign successful you have to obsess over every email that gets sent out.

  • Remove words and phrases that are known to trigger spambox filters (our current list of “bad words” includes more than 500 words/phrases and counting)
  • Test new copy deliverability by sending it to several different test email domains.
  • Monitor your results daily to ensure that open rates appropriate

Salespeople often throw up their hands and blame progressively smarter spam filters for their poor deliverability and poor results but the truth of the matter is that you have more control over your email deliverability that you realize.

What's your strategy for making sure your emails get delivered?

Domain Warming Helps A LOT

If your emails are going to spambox, your domain may have been flagged as a spam domain. We can help pull your email domain out of spambox using our domain warming services.

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