Why You Should Outsource Cold Calling for Your Business

Team of salespeople outsourcing sales calls

Cold calling is alive and thriving in 2022. In fact, 82% of buyers agreed to meetings when salespeople approached them, and 69% of buyers accepted one or more cold calls from a salesperson in the previous year.

Cold calling remains one of the most successful methods for salespeople to contact potential clients. It is a very effective way to promote your goods and services while simultaneously generating publicity for your company. 

However, skilled salespeople are necessary for cold calling to be effective. Since it takes a lot of time and money to hire and train a staff of cold callers, more and more businesses are outsourcing cold calling and hiring a cold calling company.

So should your business take the risk with b2b cold calling services? Continue reading to learn how outsourcing cold calling services or a cold calling company can be a stroke of genius in boosting your sales. 

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is when a company hires a third party outside its internal organization to perform tasks, handle operations, or provide additional services. Businesses outsource for the following reasons:

  • Cut expenses
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Increase focus on strategy
  • Greater access to skills
  • Lower ongoing investment 
  • Access to leadership and innovation

According to SmallBizGenuis, 59% of organizations utilize outsourcing like outsource cold calling to lower their costs, and 65% of companies who outsource application hosting say they'll do more outsourcing in the future. Large corporations all over the world use outsourcing to their advantage in order to increase sales and reduce spending.

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is a type of sales solicitation used by companies to reach out to potential consumers who have never previously expressed interest in the company's products or service or spoken to the salesperson before.

Although salespeople may fear calling up strangers, with the right planning and cold call scripts, B2B cold calling services can be very effective and lead to more clients.

According to HubSpot, 57% of C-level buyers want to be reached by phone. The key decision-makers in any business-to-business (B2B) sales are C-suite executives and VPs.

Additionally, sales representatives can boost conversion rates by 70% by simply making a few additional call attempts. It’s important to not only know when to call but to also be persistent in your efforts. When a salesperson makes an adequate effort, they are more likely to speak with their prospect and raise the likelihood of a sale.

What is Outsourced Cold Calling?

When you outsource cold calling to a cold calling company, a third party takes over your business's cold calling tasks. This is very common for many B2B businesses because it gives them greater confidence knowing their cold calling efforts are handled by trained professionals.

Once you hire a cold calling outsourcing company, they will take control of the whole cold calling process. When you outsource B2B cold calling services, you’re assigning the responsibilities of cold calling to a new team outside your business. However, cold calling with a cold calling company is their area of expertise and their staff has years of experience.

Depending on your preference, your outsourced staff can use any of your current cold call scripts or even develop a new one. There are two types of outsourced cold calling:

  • Appointment setting. If appointment setting is the purpose of the call, a sales rep will ask prospects about their availability to speak with your sales representative about the product or service.
  • Lead generation. In the case where your goal is lead generation, your outsourced staff will gather leads among your prospects. This is typically offered to B2B companies and helps create more opportunities for your business.

Cold calling is a powerful tool that, when utilized by an experienced staff, can help your business grow and reap a range of benefits.

Why Should You Outsource Sales Calls?

Increase Productivity

When partnering with a reputable cold calling B2B sales agency, you can trust the phones will be ringing non-stop. To increase sales, your outsourced staff will make as many calls as they can to generate interest in your product or service.

Additionally, your internal sales team now has more time to concentrate on other important tasks. Your outsourced sales team can make hundreds of calls per day and increase your company’s productivity significantly.


Outsourced cold calling service agencies are more efficient at making sales calls than an in-house sales team because it’s their only job. Cold call outsourcing companies have the technology, equipment, and procedures they need to be successful.


Outsourced sales calls help companies save money. It costs more money to set up a cold calling department, hire employees, train staff, and manage them than outsourcing the job to a cold calling company. By outsourcing cold calling, a business can save money on staffing, supplies, and other expenses.

Greater Insight

It is challenging for an internal sales staff to generate insights while still being successful at cold sales. In addition to offering cold calling services, cold call outsourcing companies offer in-depth market and customer analysis.

Staff Expertise

Cold call outsourcing companies properly train their employees to serve as strong brand advocates. The outsourced staff has received specialized training to represent clients in the highest professional manner.

Access to top-notch technology

Cold calling agencies employ the most advanced technologies due to their level of skill and knowledge. You won't have to spend money replacing outdated tools and equipment or keeping up with the latest trends.

Reduce Business Risks

Professional salespeople have experience dealing with prospective clients. Since they have a significant amount of expertise and are skilled at what they do, they greatly reduce the chance of a poorly handled interaction.


Outsourcing services for cold calling will undoubtedly be more advantageous in an unstable economy. This is because the service provider will continue cold calling if you experience a crisis.

Long-term Success

In general, outsourcing cold calling to a cold calling company will have a positive impact on your business and help your long-term growth. It aids in maintaining the efficiency of your business operations so that you can constantly grow in the most profitable manner.

Choosing the Best Cold Calling Outsourcing Company

There are many outsourcing cold calling services that may not be an adequate fit for your business. Consider these factors when choosing who to partner with.

  • Quality of staff: make sure your outsourced staff is well-trained and can represent your company in a professional and competent manner. 
  • Experience: when searching for a cold call outsourcing agency, choose one that has been active in the market for a number of years. Service providers with more experience are better equipped to communicate with potential clients.
  • Monitoring: discover how your outsource cold calling company controls and monitors the quality of their products and offerings. You should pick a partner who excels at this area of operations because you will be sacrificing some control over it.
  • Safety: make sure your outsourced sales team keeps your data private and will protect your information.  
  • Value: to get the most value for your money, your cold call outsourcing company should offer the highest quality level of service.

Is Outsourced Cold Calling Right for You?

Outsourcing cold calling is a wise investment. Cold calling is a skill, and experts who are knowledgeable about the process, know what to anticipate, and are proud of their work produce the best results. Professional cold calling services have trained salespeople, the appropriate equipment and software, and cold calling methods that have been refined and perfected through time.

If you now conduct cold calling internally, outsourcing sales calls would be an improvement and help your business reach its full potential.

Outsource Cold Calling with SalesHive

SalesHive is a skilled and recognized B2B lead generation company that delivers results. Thanks to our well-trained and professional staff, we will handle all of your demands for cold calling and fill your calendar with meetings with qualified clients.

Our salespeople have one job: concentrate solely on placing calls to schedule meetings. Our sales development representatives are committed to your account, so they provide exceptional service and help you reach your goals.

Outsourcing sales calls can feel risky, but SalesHive has got you covered. Start your cold calling today!

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