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The Art of Cold Emailing: The Elements of a Great Cold Sales Email

The goal of your cold sales email is to either set up a meeting, have your prospect reply with information, or have them click on a response link. But don't get greedy—you should select only one goal for each email you send.Elements of a Great Cold Sales EmailThe IntroductionMake a strong statement or ask a […]

The Art of Cold Emailing: Email Tone and Look

We've been giving you the blueprints to become a cold contact champ in our recent Art of Cold Emailing articles here at SalesHive.  In Part 1, we taught you how to develop your buyer persona and research your prospect. Part 2 was all about building the framework of your cold emails and knowing yourself and your business well […]

The Art of Cold Emailing: Building the Framework

In Part 1 of our Cold Series, we talked about the power of building persona lists for cold emailing and showed you how to gather all the right information to ensure your cold emails pack a punch. In Part 2, we're going to break down the importance of self-awareness and how to sell yourself in the most concise […]

The Art of Cold Emailing: Buyer Persona Research

Let's face it , the idea of cold emailing potential clients sends chills up your spine. Like it or not, the fact is that sending cold emails to your potential Business to Business (B2B) clients can be an extremely effective way to identify and connect with actual prospects. Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to […]

The True Cost of an SDR (Sales Development Rep)

What Is The Cost Of Hiring An SDR (Sales Development Representative)?Traditionally, SDRs have been the public face for most companies. They focus on outbound prospecting, setting up qualified meetings, and moving leads through the pipeline.Many different expenses come with hiring new salespeople. Beyond hiring costs, you should consider base compensation, commissions, benefits, and travel.These costs […]

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