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Aspirations vs Afflictions: What Triggers More Email Responses?

Human beings are highly motivated by fear. It’s one of our most basic instincts. The fear of failure, rejection, missing out, change, losing control. These are all rational fears and fear definitely has its place in motivation, however, fear is NOT the best motivator in sales. But why? Why Fear Tactics Don't Work Well It’s […]

How to Win Two First Class Tickets to the Email Spam Box

SPAM - Every SDR’s worst nightmare. Have you ever found yourself saying things like: “I spent hours working on crafting the perfect message and the email didn’t even get opened!” Writing copy for sales emails is no-longer ONLY about engaging with a prospect, adding value and asking for a meeting. Half of the battle has […]

The Importance of “Listening” to Your Email Audience

A/B tests are an excellent way to find out what wording resonates with your audience but if you aren’t finding trends in both your positive and negative responses you won’t be able to fully optimize your campaign. Looking for the subtleties in your prospects responses can be a time-consuming task but I’ve significantly improved my […]

How to Write a Badass Cold Email to a Brand New Industry

Changing your voice when approaching a new vertical is an often overlooked and important factor in the success of a sales email cadence. I began selling into manufacturing in Q2 of 2018 with an email formula in mind that I was certain would not fail. It’s a formula that most sales development professionals are familiar […]

3 Ways to Remain Human While Email Prospecting at Scale

Keep your ego small If you’ve read almost any book on sales, you’ll know that we need to keep the focus on benefitting the prospect. First, find their potential problem and then show how you can fix it better than anyone else. It’s the second part of this process that can screw up a cold […]

The Subtle Art of Saying More with Less Words

I’ve been writing sales emails for a while now. I’ve written emails targeting startup founders and I’ve written emails targeting CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Industries ranging from construction to IT to retail and fashion. You don’t care though. I’ve already typed too much and you’re getting bored. This is why people suck at writing […]