Things to Know About Cold Calling as a Service

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Cold calling is feared by salespeople and business owners all over the world.

The process of calling a stranger to introduce a product or service to them can be nerve-wracking and exhausting. When done incorrectly, both the receiver and the initiator can suffer, so you might be wondering why it still exists.

The answer is simple - cold calling remains one of the most effective business tools.

While cold calling can be frustrating and tricky, when done right, it can:

  • develop relationships
  • build rapport
  • boost conversions
  • solve customer issues
  • show initiative
  • increase brand awareness

When you use cold calling with a cold calling company as a service, you can rely on experienced cold calling experts to make friendly and welcoming calls for you, focused on providing excellent user-experiences and selling based on value.

Not only does outsource cold calling boost growth - it gives you more time to focus on your business by delivering high-value leads right to your “door”.

Read on to learn about everything you need to know about cold calling with a cold calling company as a service.

Is Cold Calling Dead?

Despite popular belief, cold calling is far from dead.

Many individuals believe cold calling has diminished due to the rise of the internet and a lowered desire for phone calls. Other sales leaders simply believe cold calling is no longer relevant because they can’t do it.

The misconception that cold calling is dead has led business owners to ignore this process completely. However, whilst it’s true that more people are starting to ignore unknown numbers, cold calling with a cold calling company can help your business thrive, give you a competitive advantage, and bring long-term success.

And it doesn’t just involve reaching out to strangers. Through cold calls, you can reconnect with past customers, upsell to your existing ones, and gain referrals and new leads.

Now is the time to start picking up the phone or outsourcing cold calling services with a cold calling company to see tangible results.

What is Outsourced Cold Calling?

Outsource cold calling with a cold calling company means hiring a third party to take over all of your cold calling needs.

When hiring a cold calling service, a team of sales professionals will contact customers on your behalf, book meetings, and increase conversion rates.

Outsource cold calling gives business owners peace of mind and better expertise.

By knowing your third party has years of cold calling experience, you can feel confident that you will see the results you are looking for.

They will approach leads with careful sensitivity, keenly aware of what your target audience needs to hear.

Why Do Companies Outsource Cold Calling?

Here are the top reasons why companies use cold calling as a service:

1. Productivity Boost

When working with a trustworthy cold calling company, you can ensure more people are getting to know about your business and what you offer, resulting in increased sales. This allows you to decrease your sales team while freeing up your internal resources.

2. Efficiency

Outsourcing cold calling with a cold calling company is more efficient than a typical sales team. Trained professionals who work at a cold calling agency have one job and one job only: cold calling. On the other hand, an internal sales team has multiple jobs and responsibilities. Outsourcing cold calling agencies have up-to-date equipment, increased training, and better procedures to perform cold calling at a skilled level.

3. Low-Cost

Companies use cold calling as a service to save money. It is expensive to hire and train new employees, and it can take years for them to contribute to the success of a company. Outsourcing cold calling services saves you time and money without having to pay for additional equipment and workspace.

4. More Insight

Cold calling agencies aim to create long-term relationships with ideal prospects and keep you engaged throughout the entire process. By recording every single call, they revise and collect information and data about consumers and the market that you can use to enhance your service.

Types of Cold Calling you Can Outsource

There are many different types of cold calling services that exist, depending on the purpose of the call and your business model.

Appointment Setting

The goal of appointment setting in a cold calling company is to schedule appointments with your sales rep to further discuss a product or service. The cold calling expert is expected to set up a meeting based on both parties’ availability.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a type of cold calling service that is offered to B2B companies. The goal is to generate leads from your prospects to create new opportunities.

Business to Business

While gathering leads is a goal of B2B cold calling, introducing your business and closing a sale is key. Cold calling experts will communicate with business owners to get them interested in your product or service.

Business to Consumer

Business to consumer cold calling is directed at consumers. The goal was B2C cold calling is to get a consumer to buy your product or service.

Professional Cold Calling Tips

  • Research your Prospect: Take the time to get to know your potential clients so you are fully prepared and understand their needs. This will show them that you are sincere and invested in them.
  • Never Interrogate: Always create a conversation that feels comfortable and not forced. They are more likely to listen and confide in you if they are relaxed or feel a connection with you.
  • Keep it Short: Take a maximum of 3 minutes of your prospect's time. Once you introduce yourself, state what the call is about and that it will only take a few minutes.
  • Listen: If you listen and try to understand your prospect, they will put in the effort to listen to you. To keep the conversation flowing, stay attentive and ask proper questions.
  • Try to Build Rapport: Don’t plan on closing a sale on your first cold call. Focus on building rapport with your client so you can close a deal on your next calls.
  • Outsource: Use cold calling as a service to have access to trained cold callers who have experience in the customer service industry.

Rules of Outbound Cold Calling

There are specific rules that expert cold callers need to follow.

  • Do Not Call List: This is a list of phone numbers that cold callers can’t contact. If countries have a national registry, cold callers can’t call the registered numbers by law.
  • Cold Calling Time Frames: Some countries only allow cold callers to call prospects within a certain time frame. This is typically between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm and any call made outside these hours would be illegal.
  • Written Approval: Cold callers need written approval to take any amount of money out of a prospect’s bank account and should never ask for an account number over the phone.
  • Honesty: All cold callers should be honest and transparent throughout the entire call.

Cold Calling As A Service: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Focus on Core Business Functions: Outsourcing cold calling frees up more time for your in-house sales team, allowing them to work on other core business activities.
  • Cost-Efficient: Using cold calling as a service is less expensive than hiring in-house cold callers. Outsourcing allows you to spend less on training, onboarding, equipment, and workspace.
  • Staff Expertise: Employees at outsourcing cold calling companies are exceptionally trained and skilled at their job.
  • Reduced Business Risks: Cold calling experts reduce the risk of a bad interaction with a potential client because they are well-trained and know how to handle unique situations.
  • Long-term Success: Outsourcing increases profitability in the long run by increasing sales and optimizing business processes.


  • Less Control: When you outsource cold calling, you lose control of the cold calling process and aren’t able to monitor what goes on. This is only a small concern, especially if you trust your outsourcing agency.
  • Data Security Risks: Exclusive and confidential information may be exposed through your service provider, so choose an agency that assures your data will be protected.
  • Things Can Get “Lost in Translation: If your outsourced caller misinterprets your directions, it can be difficult to clear things up over the phone.
  • It’s Slow: Cold calling can take a long time as you need to speak with each person individually, which can be tedious and frustrating.

The Best Outsourced B2B Cold Calling Service

Saleshive is a cold calling service agency with professionally trained individuals who are eager and ready to take care of all your B2B cold calls. Our highly skilled reps can help book you thousands of meetings every month so you can see an increase in sales and conversion rates.

At Saleshive, we listen to calls daily to see what we can improve on and have coaching sessions to ensure our reps are well-equipped for any conversation.

Experience the results you’ve always wanted. Start your cold calling today!

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