Does B2B Cold Calling Work in 2022?

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In a society where remote teams and digital technology are becoming the norm, B2B cold calling is a successful way to reach potential clients.

B2B cold calling requires the use of interpersonal skills to turn a stranger into a customer. While this can seem daunting at first, it is one of the most cost-effective opportunities for businesses to use for sales success.

However, cold calling success rates are quite low without a cold calling agency—between 1-3%. This is partly because the cold calling methodology has drastically changed. But with the right approach, you’re likely to see results.

Whether you are searching for top tactics to improve your internal sales team or are interested in B2B cold calling as a service with a cold calling agency, this old-school technique can improve B2B sales and allow you to engage with top decision-makers.

Read on to discover why B2B cold calling has such high success rates and how you can improve your B2B sales cold calling.

Why is Cold Calling More Successful for B2B?

According to, 96% of B2B sales teams have transitioned to remote work settings, meaning sales reps have to quickly create a connection with their prospect over the phone.

But why is cold calling more effective for B2B than B2C?

B2C cold callers focus on emotion and know very little about the person they are contacting. So, sales professionals try to sell the benefits of a product or service and take advantage of impulse buying behavior.

In B2B sales, they use rationale to make decisions. A client wants to know how the product will solve their problems and what the price range is. A B2B cold caller knows who they are calling beforehand so they can organize a pitch, which leads to more scheduled meetings and sales.

Why Cold Calling Works in 2022

Consumers have been geared toward online research and drifted away from conversing with salespeople, making businesses believe cold calling is dead.

On the contrary, cold calling, especially with a cold calling agency, still presents many benefits. Here are some statistics collected from the Rain Group:

  • Over 50% of decision-makers would rather be contacted over the phone
  • More than 71% of buyers have said they want salespeople to reach out to them when they are searching to boost their business
  • The business that reaches out to a potential customer first receives up to 50% of sales

There are a number of business owners who want to see their business succeed, but don’t know where to start. While cold calling remains extremely effective today, especially if you use a cold calling agency, if your business keeps making the same mistakes, you won’t see results.

Successful cold calling isn’t about the number of calls you make per day, but it is about gaining your prospect’s attention and stating how only you can solve their problem.

The Guide to a Successful B2B Cold Call

Preparing for your B2B sales cold call is just as important as the execution of your call. By following a set of pre-call tasks and execution tips, you will be set up for success and achieve your goals.

Utilize these pre-call tasks to ensure ample success with B2B sales cold calling:

1. Segment prospect list

Simply put, winging your B2B cold calls won’t lead to increased sales or effective conversations. By taking the time to organize a calling list of potential prospects you already know will benefit from your business, you will prolong healthy discussions and see more conversions.

2. Use organization charts and insights

Organization charts allow you to see the role everyone in your organization plays, and they make it easy to have multi-threaded relationships. It serves as a blueprint to identify decision-makers so you can connect with the right people and helps you find multiple potential buyers.

3. Use an Autodialer

Cold callers can make anywhere between 40 to 100 sales calls a day, so anything that helps to save time should be implemented. An automated dialer automatically calls people from a list of contacts and contains features, such as click-to-dial and pre-recorded voicemails, to decrease the time required to make a call.

Follow the following execution B2B cold calling tips to increase your cold calling success rates.

4. Use a script

A sales script is an extremely useful tool as it sets you up for a quality conversation. It eases your mind, especially if you are just starting out, and lowers your chance of making mistakes. The best B2B cold calling scripts, often developed by a cold calling agency, are personalized to your prospect’s unique needs.

5. Have a cheat sheet

During a B2B sales cold call, you may face questions you don’t know the answer to. Knowing exactly what you are selling and understanding the value it can bring to your prospect is key to mastering a cold call. Having a cheat sheet in front of you guarantees you remain fully knowledgeable and correct throughout the entire call.

6. Give them a reason to stay

You only get one chance in cold calling, cold calling agency knows this, so once you get your prospect on the line, it is crucial to make an impact and give them a reason to stay on the call. Create an opening statement that is intriguing and impressive to gain their attention right away.

7. Ask questions

An effective B2B cold calling tip is to remain patient and focus on building a relationship with your prospect. It is important to ask questions that let them know you are interested in them and explain how you can help their business. Always remember to be fully attentive while asking these questions and carefully listen to their responses.

Is B2B Cold Calling Legal?

B2B cold calling with a cold calling agency is fully legal, but you do need to obey certain guidelines. B2B callers must follow rules such as:

  • Cold callers have to state who is calling and what the purpose of the call is
  • If a prospect requests to be put on a “do not call list”, the cold caller must respect their wishes
  • Cold callers need written approval to access your bank account
  • Cold callers can only call you at home between 8am and 9pm but can try to reach you anytime at work

Best and Worst Times for B2B Cold Calling

Timing is key when it comes to B2B cold calling.

If you are trying to land new clients, the best time to call is just before lunch between 11am and 12pm or just before the end of the workday between 4pm and 5pm. During these times, people try to finish up their tasks, meaning you are less likely to interrupt them.

The worst time to make a B2B cold call is before 10am because people are most likely in meetings or dealing with urgent tasks.

Cold Calling to Drive Sales in 2022

For many, cold calling can seem intrusive and unnecessary. But as the B2B sales world evolves, sales reps have access to the strategies, technology, and resources they need to succeed.

While B2B cold calling can be tricky, when done correctly, it is proven to be a sales strategy that actually works. By leveraging these cold calling tactics, you can grow your business and bring it to the next level.

If you are a business owner who doesn’t have the time or resources to train new sales reps, B2B cold calling as a service with a cold calling agency is the perfect solution for you. A dedicated team of sales professionals can handle all your cold calling needs and contact prospects on your behalf.

Use Saleshive for Successful B2B Cold Calling Services

As a B2B Lead Generation Agency, SalesHive comprises professionally trained cold callers who hustle to reach out to clients for you and fill your calendar with sales meetings.

Our goal is to make calls to book meetings so you can further sell your business and land a deal. We dedicate a specific cold caller to your account so they are fully knowledgeable about your business and can answer any questions that come their way.

Check out our cold calling prices to select a package that works for you!
And, if you are interested in more services like, b2b list building services, we offer those too.

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A single SDR working full time can make 8,400 cold calls per month which will result in about 432 conversions per month. More conversations lead to more meetings per month, and more meetings will increase the number of closed deals per month.

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If you get an objection- they haven’t hung up on you yet, so they’re still listening and hoping for you to overcome!
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