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Cold Calling

Cold Calling will never be dead. In terms of market penetration, it is the most effective way to connect with potential buyers. At SalesHive, we help companies scale their cold calling outreach by offering part-time and full-time US-based cold callers.
Saleshive lead generation glossary

What is B2B Telemarketing?

B2B telemarketing is the process of a business using cold callers, also known as telemarketers, to call prospects at other businesses to set sales meetings. This is a form of B2B marketing that is often performed unsolicited to potential customers who own businesses that could use another's products or services.

What is B2C Telemarketing?

B2C telemarketing is the process of a business using cold callers, also known as telemarketers, to call consumers to set sales meetings or sell products. This is a form of B2C marketing. Most of the time this is performed unsolicited to potential customers so they can buy a company's goods or services. In order to perform B2C telemarketing, a company must sign up for a Subscription Account Number (SAN) with the National Do Not Call Registry and check their lists against the National Do Not Call Registry list to make sure they aren't calling people who have requested not to be called.

What is a Calling Script?

A calling script is a document that outlines what cold calling teams say to prospects on cold calls. Sometimes they can be very elaborate and contain objection responses, while other times they can be general guidelines for what to say on outbound sales calls. Many times sales calling scripts are A/B tested against each other to identify which calling scripts are more effective. A calling scripts typically contains an introduction, problem statement, value proposition, and a call-to-action.

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is a method of sales development outreach in which a sales development rep builds a list of top prospects, including their phone numbers, in order to call them and pitch the value of a product or service. Cold callers typically use a CRM or power dialer to sift through their prospects swiftly. Tools such as power dialers also track activity such as calls, answers, and meetings booked. Callers typically purchase these lists from major data providers such as Zoom Info and KPIs for cold calling include calls per day, live answer rate, and scheduled meetings per day.

What is a Cold Calling Team?

A cold calling team is a group of sales reps specifically trained to cold call prospects on a full-time or part-time basis. The team divides the outreach list across the cold calling team in order to "cold call" their prospects with the goal of setting up sales meetings for their account executives (AEs) to close.

What is a Full-Time Cold Caller?

A full-time cold caller is a cold caller sales rep assigned to a company that makes these type of cold calls 40 hours per week.