What is an Outsourced BDR?

An outsourcing company's BDR is responsible for generating new leads and revenue through various channels, including but not limited to email, social media, phone, and webinar campaigns. The goal of a BDR is to create interest in a company’s products or services by targeting key decision-makers within target accounts and then scheduling discovery calls with the sales team. BDR outsourcing can be an excellent way to jumpstart your sales pipeline and help close more deals.

Sales Outsourcing
What are some tips for hiring an Outsourced BDR?

1. Clarify and communicate your company's specific needs and goals for the outsourced BDR.

2. Do thorough research on potential outsourcing partners, including their past performance and customer reviews.

3. Have a detailed onboarding process to ensure smooth transition and integration with your existing sales team.

4. Regularly assess performance metrics to ensure the outsourced BDR is meeting your goals and adapting to changes in the market.

5. Maintain open communication and feedback with the outsourcing partner to continually improve the partnership.

What are the benefits of hiring an Outsourced BDR?

There are many benefits of outsourcing your business development, including:

1) Cost savings: When you outsource your BDR function, you save on the costs associated with recruiting, training, and managing in-house staff.

2) Increased efficiency: Outsourcing your BDR function allows you to tap into a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals who can help you achieve your sales goals more quickly and efficiently.

3) Flexibility: Outsourcing your BDR function gives you the flexibility to scale up or down your sales efforts as needed, without the need to make long-term commitments or investments in headcount.

4) Access to expertise: When you outsource your BDR function, you gain access to a team of experts who can provide valuable insights and perspectives on your sales strategy and execution.

5) improved focus: When you outsource your BDR function, you free up time and resources that you can reinvest in other areas of your business, such as product development or marketing.

What are the different types of Outsourced BDRs?

1. Inbound BDR: These services focus on generating leads through inbound channels such as website forms, webinars, or email campaigns.

2. Outbound BDR: As the name suggests, outbound BDRs focus on generating leads through outbound activities such as cold calling or emailing lists of potential customers.

3. Hybrid BDR: These services provide a mix of inbound and outbound activities, giving companies the best of both worlds.

4. B2B Appointment Setting: This type of BDR focuses on setting appointments with decision-makers at target companies.

5. B2C Appointment Setting: Similar to B2B appointment setting, but focused on setting appointments with consumers instead of businesses.

How much do outsourcing companies charge?

The cost of outsourcing services can vary greatly depending on the specific services required and the size and scope of the project. However, most outsourcing companies charge based on an hourly rate. For example, a company might charge $50 per hour for data entry services or $75 per hour for customer service. It's important to get quotes from several different outsourcing companies before selecting one, so that you can compare rates and find the best value for your needs.

How much does outsourced BDR cost?

The average cost of an outsourced BDR is $2,500 per month. However, this can vary depending on the size of your business and your specific needs.

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