What is a Serviceable Available Market (SAM)?

A SAM, or Serviceable Addressable Market, is the potential market size for a specific product or service within a specific geographic area. This metric is important for list building and determining target markets for sales and marketing efforts. By understanding the potential size of a market, businesses can optimize their strategies to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

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What are the different types of Serviceable Available Markets (SAM)?

Serviceable Available Market (SAM) can be classified into three different types: addressable, potential, and total. Addressable SAM is the portion of the market that is actually reachable by a company’s marketing and sales efforts. Potential SAM is the portion of the market that could be served by a company if it had the necessary resources and capabilities. Total SAM is the entire market that could be served by a company, regardless of whether it has the necessary resources and capabilities.

Which type of Serviceable Available Market (SAM) is most important to a company depends on its stage of development and its growth strategy. For example, a startup may be primarily focused on expanding its addressable SAM, while a mature company may be more interested in growing its potential SAM.

SAM can also be segmented by geographic region, customer type, or product type. For example, a company may focus on expanding its addressable SAM in a particular country or region, or it may focus on increasing its potential SAM among a certain customer segment. Product-specific SAM can be important for companies that offer multiple products and want to ensure that they have a significant share of the market for each product.

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