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Email Marketing

The days of simply purchasing a list and blasting out thousands of emails and seeing any prolonged success are over. Email marketing is getting more intricate by the day. Simply put you need the right knowledge, team, and strategies to succeed.
Saleshive lead generation glossary

What is Open Tracking?

Open tracking is the process of adding an open tracking pixel to an email with the intent of identifying if and when the email is opened by the recipient. This is a common practice for email marketing and is used to optimize the effectiveness of a subject line using A/B testing.

What is an Open Tracking Pixel?

An open tracking pixel is a one pixel image that is triggered to send information to a specific URL to notify that an email has been opened.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is an optimization process of using two or more variations of copy and/or images to compare the results. This process helps to identify which version creates the best results. Sometimes this is called "split" or "bucket" testing. An example of A/B testing is sending identical emails to a contact list which has been split into two smaller lists, but with different subject lines for each group. This A/B test would help identify which subject line resonates better with an audience. The results are compared by seeing which subject line had better open rates.

What is Open-to-Reply %?

Open-to-reply % is an email marketing metric that helps A/B tests and optimizes the effectiveness of email copy. This metric represents the amount of replies divided by the amount of opens which analyzes the reply rate compared to the relative amount of opens. It gives the marketer a better representation of their copy's effectiveness because it doesn't allow the open percentage to impact the results.

What is a Cold Email?

A cold email is an email sent to a contact or prospect that is not actively in communication with the contacting company. The word cold implies the potential sales relationship wasn't solicited by the consumer or company, and the contact method is via email. Sales development reps typically send cold contact sales emails to generate interest in getting new business for companies that are currently unaware of their offerings and services.

What is an Opener?

An opener is an element of email copy that sets the stage and gives the recipient context for why they've been contacted. This element can be optimized by using multivariate testing inside SalesHive.